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Get incredible deals on some of the most advanced CBD products for your workouts with our exclusive Champions + Legends discount codes.

Finally, a CBD company dedicated to helping world-class athletes and active individuals perform at their best. Champions + Legends was founded by a group of dedicated athletes and hemp experts who believe CBD has the power to improve overall health and fitness. Upon entering the market, they quickly understood that not all CBD products are created equal. That’s why they decided to develop a line of CBD products that would eclipse anything else on the market.

Champions + Legends formulates science-based, full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD products to support your endocannabinoid system with an “entourage” of hemp-derived cannabinoids. To ensure quality, potency, and safety, Champions + Legends independently tests their products six times throughout the manufacturing process. Champions + Legends is devoted to your wellbeing and aims to enhance your physical & mental performance with effective products you can trust.

Popular Champions + Legends Products

Champions + Legends has a phenomenal collection of CBD supplements. Every product revolves around your workout; you can filter your search by selecting Pre-Workout, Mid-Workout, or Post-Workout. Then choose the intake method you like best: a fast-acting tincture, convenient softgels, an on-the-go oral spray, or a handy topical solution.

Champions + Legends’ high-end CBD products are used by numerous world-class athletes, including James Harrison, Thor Bjornssen, Tommy Caldwell, just to name a few. Be sure to use our verified Champions + Legends discount coupon codes to get the best deals on all Champions + Legends products.

Featured Champions + Legends Product

Champions Legends CBD Coupons Prepare Tincture

Prepare Tincture 1000 mg CBD – This tincture was created to deliver optimal bioavailability and give you the benefits of hemp’s miraculous properties. Each 30 ml bottle contains 1000 mg of potent, full-spectrum CBD Oil to support alertness, maintain focus, and prepare your mind & body to tackle any workout with confidence.

It can be taken sublingually for best results or added to your favorite beverage or food. Champions + Legends products are made without sweeteners, flavorings, or colorants. Grab yours at a discounted price with our exclusive Champions + Legends promo codes.

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Champions + Legends third-party lab tests every product it manufactures, ensuring that none of its products contain more than 0.3% THC. While you should always carefully review the regulations associated with your competition, Champions + Legends products comply with WADA & USADA regulations.

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