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Tan Fabric Pot


2 2/3' x 2 2/3' Hydro Shoot Grow Tent


10 Plant Hydroponic System w/ Pump


24" Hydro Plant Dolly w/ Drain


Heat Mat


1000 Watt HOT HEAD Magnetic Ballast


120V Dual Outlet Mechanical Timer


Black Reflective Grow Tent Canvas


Carbon Air Filter


Clone Shipper




Intense Grow Tent Extensions


Mesh Pot


120V Single Outlet Digital Timer


Black Grow1 Fabric Grow Pot


8" Premium Propagation Humidity Dome w/ Adjustable Vents


Black & White 7mil Film


Greenhouse 6mil Film


Small Black Grow Bags


Cristal Room Pop Up 2' x 2' Grow Tent


Ducting Flange


4' x 4' Dark Street Grow Tent


Collapsible Water Reservoir


Flange Connector


Light Baffle


Standard Carbon Filter


2' x 2' Mini Clone Tent


Dark Room 2' x 2' DR60 Grow Tent


Small Black & White Grow Bags


WebIt Trellis/SCROG Netting


Motor Speed Controller


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