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About Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Since 2013, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has been breeding high-quality seeds for medicinal and recreational cannabis users. They hand-pick hearty cannabis plants with consistent THC and CBD yields, and their inventory includes regular, auto-flowering, and feminized seeds. Get your Quebec Cannabis Seeds coupon codes from Save on Cannabis, and try these premium seeds for yourself.

Popular Quebec Cannabis Seeds Products

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has more than 100 strains to choose from, including bestsellers like Gorilla Glue, AK 47, Bruce Banner, and Quebec Gold. The feminized seed packs are a real winner, as they allow for maximum germination potential without the risk of a male ruining the harvest.

The company offers a wide range of both indica and sativa varieties, so you can easily find something that offers the effects you’re looking for. They even have an entire category dedicated to high-CBD strains like Critical Mass and Mango Haze (each of which is bred for a 1:1 CBD-THC ratio), so you can enjoy the effects of CBD with less of a buzz.

While the Quebec Cannabis Seeds brand is a winner on its own, the company also sells products from other premium breeders like Bomb Seeds and Next Generation Seeds.

Bomb Seeds is one of Holland’s premier cannabis cultivators, known for high-THC strains and abundant yields. It’s no wonder these legendary organic strains have names like “Atomic” and “Cosmic Bomb.” These seeds are known worldwide for their 95%+ germination rate, and they’re all hand-selected for quality and freshness.

Next Generation Seeds has been a popular name in Canada since 1997, the recipient of numerous High Times Cannabis Cup awards. Strains like Grapefruit Haze and Chemdog Millionaire are especially popular varieties that you can try. They’re even in the High Times Hall of Fame.

Get Your Quebec Cannabis Seeds Coupon Codes

Get your exclusive Quebec Cannabis Seeds coupon right here, and stock up on standard (5-seed) or bulk (100-seed) packs. The site is always running deals on their “Specials” page, and they even have month-specific categories if you’re wondering which strains will grow best right now. Discover why so many discriminating cultivators can’t get enough of Quebec Cannabis Seeds.

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