Davinci MIQRO C Review

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Davinci MIQRO C













  • Discreet As Possible
  • No Compromise in Size of Bowl
  • Great Connectivity with App
  • Ultra Efficient In Built Heating Paths
  • Incredibly Well Designed


  • Only Small 4 LED Light Display
  • Gets Quite Hot
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Watch the video version of this review, full hands on footage of opening and vape session.

Davinci MIQRO C - Front Orange Box
MIQRO C Waiting to Be Opened

This is Nug and Stem for SaveOn Cannabis and today we’re going to be reviewing the Davinci MIQRO C. This is the third Davinci vape that we’re reviewing for Save On Cannabis, but we’ve used Davinci vapes as far back as the Ascent.   This review is a step by step of our unboxing and first vape session, the final scoring and pros and cons was compiled after a few weeks of usage.

Davinci is a very well renowned brand and incredibly well trusted by cannabis aficionados all across the World, and we’re excited to see what this little MIQRO C has to offer.

So as with any product, let’s get in right into it.

Unboxing the Davinci MIQRO C

Davinci’s, well known for their fantastic packaging. It’s never over the top, always incredibly informative. You can see all the details about the product on the package itself. Some cool 2D visualizations of the entire product like shown below.

Davinci MIQRO C Review - Specs
MIQRO C Packaging Detail of Tech Specs

The orange part of the packaging is an outer sleeve, and then there’s always well trusted, fantastic and sturdy box on the inside that’s going to keep your product safe until it gets to you. This is very much the same here. Now when we open it, the first thing we see is the MIQRO C is actually a very, very, very small format vape compared to any of their other products.

Davinci MIQRO C - Open Box
MIQRO C Packaged Safely and Beautifully

We’ll pop it out of its little safe housing. Now I’m very interested to see if it operates in quite a similar fashion because the other Davinci vapes that I’ve used, they all have a rechargeable battery that can actually be removed.  You can also buy extra rechargeable batteries for the units at Davinci.

Within the MIQRO C there’s a vapor chamber in there and if we look at something like the IQ or IQC (the IQC is actually our favorite go-to vape), there’s a full size battery and a flavor chamber.  The flavor chamber in the IQC is a larger compartment to add your own flavorings.

So let’s take a look at the Davinci MIQRO C. When you open the top of the unit under the mouth piece, there is the rechargeable battery and the vapor chamber. The MIQRO C is unlike the IQC or the IQ Carbon that we recently reviewed, the MIQRO C does not have the option of adding flavor directly into there for their little vapor chamber, but for a much more portable product, that’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make.

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Davinci MIQRO C Review - Battery and Vapor Chamber
Rechargeable Battery & Vapor Chamber

So let’s get right into it. There’s a little latch on the battery compartment, if this is your first Davinci product, you might struggle with that a little bit.  You must push down the little bar that goes across the compartment for the battery to open.  On our first usage out of the box, we have to remove the piece of the back sticker they placed on the unit that blocks the battery connector in the compartment.

As I pull the piece blocking the battery connector off, it’s actually going to pull off all of the instructional details on the back of the unit. If this is your first ever vape, probably worth reading that there’s a little you can see there’s a little QR code that’ll probably take you to their app and let you read some instructional information.

Davinci MIQRO C Instructions Sticker
This Label Must Be Removed On First Usage

I’m going to turn it off for now and I’m going to turn it upside down.  I want to see what the filling chamber looks like. Immediately on opening the filling chamber I see that this is awesome, really cool, since it’s actually a very nice size chamber for the size of vape.

Davinci MIQRO C Review - Filling Chamber Close Up
Cannabis Filling Chamber of the MIQRO C

So basically the way all Davinci vapes work is you open the bottom, you fill it, you close it, you turn it on, and it starts to heat on its own.

Powering on the MIQRO C vs IQ (Display Comparison)

Here we go, let’s hope that our battery is actually fully charged. Perfect. So you can see there’s an LED indicator with 4 lights on the front, five buttons turns it on. So instead of on the IQC that you see, which has a very large grid, the MIQRO C only has four LED four little LEDs.

See the video below from our Davinci IQ review of the larger display in action on the IQ.

The LED lashing three means that it’s heating and that it’s got three out of four, 75% of its battery remaining.

Davinci MIQRO C – Accessories in the Box

Before we test it, I just want to dive into the bottom the box to see what else is included. So there’s a nice little pull tab right there that reveals really, really sturdy foam like your product, unless it’s intentionally thrown as hard as it can, we’ll have very little issues arriving to your front step. Inside we see an instructional manual, a great little contact us card for customer support, and an awesome set of stickers for you to rep their brand.

Support Card and Stickers and Manual for Davinci MIQRO C
Customer Support Card, Instruction Manual, & Stickers

And then three boxes, where you can immediately see how much thought and effort is put into packaging everything professionally. So what we have here is an accessories box, a type C charging cable.  It’s worth noting just because it’s got a rechargeable removable battery doesn’t mean that you can’t actually charge the device itself. You can charge the battery in the device by plugging the Type C cable directly into the unit. You don’t need to buy a separate battery charger, it just so happens that if you do buy more batteries that are a fit for the vape and you have a charger for them, you can charge them externally.  Extra batteries are extremely affordable at the Davinci website.

Davinci MIQRO C Review - Accessories Boxes
Type C Cable, Accessories, 10mm Water Tool

And the last thing is a 10 millimeter water tool adapter. So that is going to be very similar to the one provided with the IQC.

The charging cable is a regular USB to Type C.  Davinci did not provide a wall adapter for the power of the USB cable, which I think is fair.  You can either plug it into another USB outlet or on your computer or you likely already have one of the wall adapters at home…if you don’t, probably worth investing in one and Davinci doesn’t owe it to you.

Davinci MIQRO C - Water Tool Adapter - Review
10mm Water Tool Adapter (We Use as Everyday Mouthpiece)

Now this is the 10 millimeter water adapter tool.

We actually prefer using the water adapter as our everyday mouth piece. To us personally, it just feels more sanitary. You’re really only getting a smaller part of the device dirty. If you’re vaping with the standard flat mouthpiece pictured below, you put your mouth on the whole thing where instead with the water adapter we can easily wipe where we used.

Davinci - MIQRO C - Standard Mouthpiece
Standard Mouthpiece

And lastly, we have the box that says “accessories.” This box of little accessories is very light, almost feels empty. Let’s see what accessories they have. So on first opening I thought these accessories were for shatter, but I was wrong…these are actually a “Pearl Post & Pearl Gasket.”  These are replacement parts for the elements that attach the pearl that pushes the cannabis into the filling chamber at the bottom of the device.

Davinci - MIQRO C - Review - Pearl Post and Pearl Gasket
Pearl Post & Pearl Gasket

And then we’ve have a few alcohol swabs. Really, these are worth cleaning quite often. And then we have a little metal tool which is called “Extra Pick Tool”, this tool is included in pretty much with every one of their products and is used to pull the vapor chamber out of the device.  In the Davinci IQC there is a little storage area for the Pick Tool within the device and at first glance didn’t think there was one in the MIQRO C, but there is in fact one. So there is one Pick Tool always right there on the inside of the device, very well designed. I love these. I’m an engineer myself, so I geek out about how well designed these vapes are.

The Pearl – What is it?

Davinci MIQRO C - Review - Pearl
The Ball Like Shape is called “The Pearl”

Okay, so the pearl is intended for increasing the vapor density, by pushing the cannabis down in the chamber. So it says that we can twist the pearl to increase or decrease the oven chamber volume by 40%. Wow. Essentially, as I twist the Pearl it increases the height of ball making it be further down on the Pearl Post.  The larger the bowl the less you will want to twist the Pearl, otherwise the chamber won’t close.  The smaller the bowl and during a session as it burns down you can increase the compression by extending the Pearl which will then  compress the cannabis that you put in there. So for us, as we start our session we will keep it in the standard position and fill the chamber up.

Smart Path Modes for the MIQRO C


Davinci - MIQRO C - Review - Smart Paths
Various Smart Paths of the MIQRO C

So they have three different “Smart Paths,” which is basically how long it takes to heat up from certain temperature to another temperature in preset levels. They have a few different heating profiles that are very interesting which work to gradually increase the temperature over a 5 minute session.  If you want to go deep into what temperatures to use for your vape then you may end up in a deep rabbit hole, since various cannabinoids are better burnt at lower temperatures but you can learn more about this in this in depth article on best temperature to vape weed.

Stealth Mode, Battery Status, and Vapor Path

Davinci MIQRO C Review - Stealth Mode
Stealth Mode – Turn Off Display

They do have a stealth mode, which basically means that you can operate it without any of the LEDs visible. If you need that extra piece of discreetness.

I mean this tiny little device is discreet on its own and that’s what I think that’s something that is going to be incredibly attractive to anybody who wants that.

It still seems to have a very nice size bowl, like I said, but it definitely would be a discreet product as well.

Davinci MIQRO C - Battery Life - Save On Cannabis Review
How to See Battery Status of MIQRO C

Like I said, the battery life is indicated by those LEDs on initial startup. It will vibrate whenever there’s only 10% remaining.  With our display previously showing 3 dots on startup, we have 75% battery out of the box.

Davinci MIQRO C Review - Vapor Path
Vapor Path – Removable with Pick Tool

The Vapor Path cools the vapor as you inhale, but does need cleaning every so often.  To clean, you are able to use the pick tool to remove the vapor path. No discussion about it being a flavored chamber, so don’t try to stuff it with any other herbs that you might like. In comparison, you could fill the “Flavor Chamber” of the IQC or the IQ.

First MIQRO C Vape Session

Okay, let’s just get into this. I’ve got some Acapulco Gold, this is some nice stuff and potent stuff. I’ve already got a little bit left in my grinder. We’ll use that as well.

So I find that loading the Davinci is usually incredibly easy. All of the Davinci vapes we have used have been very efficient and will use all of your flower and they’re pretty easy to maintain.

So basically just everything I ground I just drop in the filling chamber. In fact, I think that’s one of their best bowls because all around it, it’s kind of a smooth coating and it kind of pushes everything into the bowl.

Davinci - MIQRO C - Review - Smooth Filling Chamber
Smooth Edge on Filling Chamber

With a full bowl, I close it and click 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times and it tells me, “Hey, I’m on” with some flashing of the display and then that I’ve got three of my four batteries.

So let’s see what smart path we’re in by pressing the control button three times, so we’re in path four. At the fourth Smart Path, we start at 410 Fahrenheit and it’s going to end at 430 over a 5 minute session.

It’ll vibrate to let us know that it is up to our starting heat and I’ll time how long it takes to get to this temperature. I can already feel it is definitely warming up the chamber.

I didn’t, but would think that it could be worth running the device once without anything in it just to clear out any of the possible debris or dirt or residual material from manufacturing.

Now the one complaint that I’ve always had about Davinci products is they get hot in your hand.  It’s a small little metal device chamber so the heat emanates from the metal. I could already feel that this is getting quite warm. At the time of this review it does not appear they are selling a sleeve yet for the unit, but if they do eventually would recommend purchasing.

And there we go it vibrated to let me know that it’s ready. It took 1 minute and 25 seconds to get to the beginning heat of the hottest Smart Path.  Now over five minutes, the session is going to gradually increase the temperature. Let’s go. Cheers.

First Hit Impression

Not bad. Maybe I overpacked it a little bit. The resistance to the pull is great despite the fact that it’s pretty warm in the hand and currently it’s about 410 Fahrenheit.

It is incredibly smooth in the throat. No issues whatsoever. I mean, you can’t complain about that.

Incredibly portable. Heck, you do not need stealth mode. If you want to be stealthy just use your hand to cover the display and it doesn’t look any different than maybe a tobacco vape, but forget that stigma. Just hit it.

I mean with four, five second light pulls it is hitting beautifully.

What can I say?

Go get it. If you want a small little vape, that’s going to be top of the line quality, sleek, and portable…I dunno what else to tell you. I think you should get this. This is fantastic. Another fantastic product by Davinci and at an incredible price point.   At only $99 the only thing that can make it better is using a Save On Cannabis verified Davinci coupon to save even more, get a coupon for checkout now by clicking here.

Scoring After a Few Weeks Using the MIQRO C by Davinci

All right, so now that we’ve been using the Davinci MIQRO C for a couple of weeks, we just want to go over some of the Pros and some of the Cons and give an overall score for the product.


  • DISCREET AS POSSIBLE: The number one thing that it’s got going for it is, it’s as discreet as it can possibly be as any product can possibly be. And at this price point, it’s going to be your best option if you need to be as stealthy as possible.
  • NO COMPROMISE IN SIZE OF BOWL (FILLING CHAMBER): It hits great despite its small size. So really you’re not going to feel like you’re using a smaller product.
  • ULTRA EFFICIENT IN BUILT HEATING PATHS: The in built heating paths allow for a very efficient use of flower.  We never found that it was leaving our flower unburnt or that any parts were more burnt than others.
  • INCREDIBLY WELL DESIGNED: It’s really effectively designed. The bowls really incredibly designed, and that’s what you’re going to expect with Davinci. That’s something that we’ve come to know them for incredibly well designed products.


  • ONLY SMALL 4 LED LIGHT DISPLY: Given that it’s small, it really only has those four LED lights which we found out to be a little bit limiting. So it’s going to take some time to get used to compared to some of the much bigger LED grids that their bigger products have.
  • GETS HOT IN YOUR HAND: As always, with Davinci products, it really does get quite hot. A sleeve would help if you use it repetitively, it’s going to become hard to hold without the sleeve.

So those are two things that you really do have to keep in mind but there’s no way that they overshadow all of the pros that we’ve listed.


Scoring our of 100.


When it comes to presentation it’s an 80, right? Eight out of 10 we can say. Now there’s nothing wrong with it, but obviously it’s a simple little product.


It’s very reliable, sturdy little device and works as expected.


Again, we give it a 90. We don’t ever want to give anything 100, especially when it comes to Davinci because we really want to keep seeing them continue to push the boundary and continue to improve their product. So we don’t want to make them think that they’ve hit the peak yet.


In terms of ease of use, we gave it an 85 out of 100 simply because we did have a little bit of trouble understanding exactly its functionality based on the limited LED grid.

VALUE • 95

But when it comes to value, this is really a solid 95. You are not going to beat the value at this price and especially if you use one of the Save On Cannabis verified coupons here. You are not going to be throwing your money away at this, right? This is a product that you are absolutely going to get your bang for your buck, and we absolutely still fully recommend it. So go and get it.

If you want to see our actual vape session and hands on with the device for this review you can see the entire Davinci MIQRO C review video here.

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