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ideal grow room size per plant for growing cannabis

What Is the Ideal Grow Room Size Per Plant?

If you’re planning to grow cannabis indoors, you’re probably faced with the common question of how to choose the optimal

interview with garyn angel of magical butter

Unraveling the Secrets of Cannabis Edibles with Garyn Angel

Edibles are still somewhat of a mystery even to many cannabis connoisseurs. Why are they so strong (and so expensive,

Whats the difference between pet and human CBD?

Differences Between Pet CBD and Human CBD

CBD has a range of health benefits for both people and animals. As the market is flooded with products for humans and pets, it can be challenging to determine exactly what the differences are between pet and human CBD.

best weed delivery dispensaries in Las Vegas

The 6 Best Weed Delivery Services in Las Vegas

We break down the best of the Las Vegas delivery services. Find where to get your goods from trusted dispensaries.

does CBD oil expire

How Long Does CBD Oil Last and When Does It Expire?

CBD has a shelf life and it does go bad. Learn how to tell when your CBD oil has expired, how long it stays good, and how to prolong it.

sean mcdonald cbd living interview

How Technology Is Changing the Game for CBD – Interview With CBD Living COO Sean McDonald

Sean McDonald, one of the masterminds behind the trailblazing brand CBD Living, discusses how technology is making CBD better for all of us.

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