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About Vida Optima

Vida Optima Coupon Codes

Vida Optima is based out of San Diego, California and was founded by the founders of in 2020. The years of experience as a vendor for some of the best and the biggest CBD brands in the industry has helped them in understanding the products as well as the customer’s needs very well. This is reflected in their carefully curated product range containing some of the highly rated CBD products in the industry. They are committed to make CBD a daily supplement in people’s lives like your everyday multivitamins. They use hemp grown in Kentucky, Colorado & Oregon, the sates containing some of the most advanced hemp agriculture programs. They use C02 extraction techniques to make sure that the right potency is achieved in their products. On top of creating highly potent and effective CBD products, they are continuously striving to find new and innovative ways for people to consume CBD and enjoy its miraculous benefits.

Popular Vida Optima Products

Vida Optima’s product range consists of CBD oil, gummies, lollipops and fruit chews. These exclusive Vida Optima discount codes will get you some awesome discounts on their products. Some of their most popular products are –

Vida Optima Cbd Gummies

1. ‘Vitality’ Full-Spectrum CBD + Vitamin Gummies – The ‘Vitality’ CBD Gummies come in a bottle of 30 gummies with each gummy containing 25mg of full-spectrum CBD. The gummies are gluten free and vegan & have a mixed fruit flavor profile.

Vida Optima Cbd Coupons Tinctures

2. ‘Clarity’ CBG Mood Tincture – The ‘Clarity’ CBG Mood Tincture comes in a 30ml bottle containing 500mg of CBG. It contains 99% pure CBG oil and contains MCT oil, Phytocannabinoid hemp oil as ingredients. The tincture is made without using any wheat, animal products, artificial sweeteners, dairy, soy or peanuts.

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