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ZOOEY Citrus Floral CBD Body Butter


Volcom Truly Cool CBD Muscle Rub


Rest CBD Gel Capsules


CBD Foot Renewal Cream


Lemon Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies

$14.99 - $59.99

Cinnamon Leaf Broad Spectrum CBD Drops

$39.99 - $124.99

Lavender Isolate CBD Oil Drops

$39.99 - $119.99

Recover CBD Gel Capsules


Focus Spearmint CBD Vape Pen


Volcom Truly Bomb CBD Mint Lip Balm


Boost CBD Gel Capsules


Meyer Lemon Broad Spectrum CBD Drops

$39.99 - $124.99

ZOOEY Citrus Floral CBD Hand Cream


Pets Chicken Broad Spectrum CBD Drops

$24.99 - $59.99

Cooling CBD Roll-On Gel


Unflavored Broad Spectrum CBD Drops

$39.99 - $124.99

ZOOEY Unscented CBD Body Butter


Pets Peanut Butter Broad Spectrum Drops

$24.99 - $59.99

Calming Lavender CBD Balm Stick


Natural-Flavor Broad Spectrum CBD Drops

$39.99 - $124.99

Pets CBD Paw Balm


Revive Lemon CBD Vape Pen


Vanilla Mint Broad Spectrum CBD Drops

$39.99 - $124.99

Peach Mango Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies

$14.99 - $59.99

ZOOEY Fresh Melon CBD Face, Hair, and Body Oil


ZOOEY Unscented CBD All-Purpose Balm


Volcom Truly Amped CBD Muscle Balm Stick


Pets Bacon Broad Spectrum CBD Drops

$24.99 - $59.99

CBD Infused Patch

$7.99 - $49.99

CBD Muscle Rub


Relax Lavender CBD Vape Pen

$24.99 - $39.99

Pomegranate Tea Broad Spectrum CBD Drops

$39.99 - $124.99

Peppermint Isolate CBD Oil Drops

$19.99 - $119.99

ZOOEY Citrus Floral CBD All-Purpose Balm


Balance CBD Gel Capsules


Revive Grapefruit CBD Vape Pen

$24.99 - $39.99

Social Naturals CBG Drops


ZOOEY Lavender CBD All-Purpose Balm


Volcom CBD After Sun


Rest CBD Body Lotion


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About Social CBD

Social CBD Coupon Codes

Happy. Calm.

100% Plant-based relief, pairing pure CBD and essential oils for a tailored experience.

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Social CBD vape oil

Breathe In.
Breathe Out.

When innovation meets the highest quality CBD and essential oils.

Rule your routine.

Meet everyday wellness with a powerful impact Social CBD now in four different gel caps!

Social CBD capsules

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Select CBD is now Social CBD

From the beginning, we’ve been on a mission to deliver pure CBD products, award-winning formulas, and trusted truths to our customers about what hemp can do for our health. Why the new name? Because the CBD industry is dynamic, with a lot of moving parts and the message we needed to deliver was being complicated by the cultural and legal narrative around cannabis.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re proud of the cannabis industry and the cultural push that’s being made. The reality is that hemp and cannabis play very different roles in our lives, and we felt it was in everyone’s best interest that we stayed true to our mission that’s singularly focused on delivering pure, powerful, and most of all, trusted hemp products to people who care about their health.

Change is good and our new name is a small part of a much larger goal: to passionately pursue greater innovation, product development, research and, most importantly, investing in improving you — our community. But when it comes to calling ourselves Social CBD, we believe in sparking a movement around better self-care and greater health and it starts with the right conversations. From education, connection, and making hemp products widely available, we aim to break through the myths and shed light on the truths. We want false narratives around hemp and misleading or poor quality products to be challenged, we want loved ones to be informed, and so much more. We cannot wait to show you all the things that we believe Social stands for.

Welcome to Social CBD.

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