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This page is where you can report any issues you have had with any brands that are listed on Save On Cannabis.

We truly believe that most people are inherently good at heart and it is rare to come across people actively trying to hurt others.

That being said, we also know that there are always outliers which will cause harm as well.

It is our responsibility to make sure to do our part in protecting our visitors from these bad players by limiting their reach of influence on our site.  If you have come across bad experiences with any of the brands we have listed on our site we want to hear what your issue was so that we can stop any promotions would be benefiting scam companies.

Once you submit your report here our team will review the details and evidence.  Anything reported here that looks like intentional fraudulent activities by a brand will result in us immediately un-publishing their listings while we explore the claim deeper.

We appreciate your trust in our site and will always do what we can to respond as quickly as possible to any issues.


The Save On Cannabis Team

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