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SaveOnCannabis founder, Brad Ungar, knows how frustrating it is to be a cannabis consumer searching for the best and most reliable cannabis deals and coupon codes online. That’s why he created SaveOnCannabis, the top source for online cannabis coupon codes.

While co-building a cannabis delivery service in Los Angeles, California, Brad recognized the need for a central cannabis marketplace. On this online hub, businesses could showcase their products and services and medical and recreational marijuana users could learn more about cannabis while getting discounts to make cannabis usage more accessible and affordable.

Today, SaveOnCannabis is the #1 online cannabis coupon code website for consumers and medical marijuana patients. Our customers save money by using promo codes for cannabis products and services without wasting hours combing through hundreds of expired and fake cannabis deals on the internet. We offer the most comprehensive collection of cannabis promo codes for brands ranging from the familiar to brand new cannabis small businesses. We also verify our listings so you can be sure our cannabis coupons and CBD coupons work before you click!

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Why choose SaveOnCannabis?

  • Find the best and most reliable cannabis deals without wasting hours searching the internet.
  • Get discounts to make cannabis usage more accessible and affordable.
  • The most comprehensive collection of cannabis promo codes.
  • Verified listings so you can be sure our cannabis coupons and CBD coupons work before you click!

SaveOnCannabis is delighted to be your one-stop shop to save money, discover new cannabis products and services, learn more about cannabis history and cannabis facts, and read and share reviews from cannabis customers just like you. We are passionate about normalizing online cannabis purchasing, broadening accessibility, and making cannabis products more affordable. As recreational cannabis and medical marijuana becomes legalized in more places all over the world and the cannabis industry continues to grow, SaveOnCannabis will continue to deliver the very best online options for buying cannabis online. We promise to make your cannabis shopping experience exceptional on each and every visit!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SaveOnCannabis find the best online cannabis coupon codes?

We log in the hours it takes to manually search the Internet for the latest cannabis coupon codes, pot deals, weed deals, and online dispensary deals so that the SaveOnCannabis community doesn’t have to. We also work directly with the best online marijuana brands to receive and publish their newest promo codes and coupon codes which helps us to guarantee reliability. Our partnerships with cannabis brands and online marijuana dispensaries give us the opportunity to publish exclusive coupons and recreational dispensary deals that you won’t find anywhere else and offer extended expiration dates or even unlimited time frames for our online promo codes! Our list of cannabis brand partners is always expanding and update our exclusive coupons list regularly, so check back often.

Though many of our coupon codes come from manual searches or our brand partners, we also accept user submissions for coupon codes for marijuana products and services. To ensure the best possible experience for our community members, our team reviews each submission to verify its legitimacy. When you see the verified label, you can trust that cannabis coupon code has been officially verified and approved by the SaveOnCannabis team.

Is SaveOnCannabis a cannabis reviews website, too?

Yes! Researching cannabis, collaborating with cannabis brands, and publishing cannabis coupon codes gives our team the perfect opportunity to share feedback and post reviews of cannabis products and marijuana deals. The reviews we post are original reviews written by our team members, or we share cannabis product reviews from other trusted online sources when we think it contains information our community will find interesting. When we share reviews from a third party, we always list the name of the source and include a link to the original post.

Do you charge a membership fee for Save on Cannabis?


Then how does SaveonCannabis make enough money to keep the website going if you don’t sell your own products and don’t charge any membership fees?

Though SaveOnCannabis will never ask community members for money, we do make enough money through the website to keep the lights on and the coupon codes fresh! By using affiliate links, SaveOnCannabis earns a small percentage of each purchase made through our site links and coupon codes. One way of looking at it is that the vendor pays us a “finder’s fee” for bringing them new business. Shoppers are NOT charged any additional fees or charged a higher price. Our percentage is deducted from the vendor’s profit on the sale. In other words, as long as you click through our links and use our cannabis coupon codes to make a purchase, not only are you saving money but you are also actively contributing to our small business. Thank you for helping to keep SaveOnCannabis running!

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