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$30 OFF Ardent Nova coupon for their laboratory grade cannabis decarboxylator! Worldwide shipping.

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Olive Oil Duo Infusion Kit


Ardent FX


Cannabis-Infused Gravy & Stuffing Sampler Kit


Truffle Cups & FX Double Lifter Bundle


FX Infusion Press


(Mini) Chocolate Truffle Cups Infusion Kit


Coconut Oil Infusion Kit


Infusion Press EVOO Bundle


Nova Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve


Apple Pie Infusion Kit


Magic Shell Infusion Kit


Apple Pie & FX Double Lifter Bundle


Award-Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)


Champagne Vinegar & Olive Oil Infusion Kit


FX Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve




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Ardent NOVA Decarboxylator Review

Read a review of our hands-on experience with the Ardent Nova Decarboxylator for cannabis! Find out if it is worth your money & get coupons.

About Ardent

Ardent Coupon Codes

Get the best prices on top-of-the-line Ardent products with our Ardent coupon codes. Cannabis is still widely misunderstood by even the most habitual users. Indeed, getting the most out of your weed is technical and scientific. Most of us don’t have the time or inclination to get caught up in such technicalities; most of us want the most potent and effective marijuana possible without knowing everything about the plant’s chemical makeup.

Decarboxylation, or decarb for short, is a word you’ll want to remember if you’re serious about cannabis and its benefits. It’s the process that activates your weed, making it possible to consume it without burning it. Ardent has created a portable decarb device that can activate your weed in a matter of hours. That way, you can use your cannabis anyway you see fit. It’s revolutionizing the way people approach marijuana. Use our Ardent coupons to save on one of the most advanced technologies available on the market.

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Popular Ardent Products

Ardent is dedicated to creating durable equipment that you can trust. Their product line is centered around decarboxylators. Every item listed on the Ardent online store is designed to help you get the most out of your cannabis. By activating your weed, you’ll be able to sprinkle it on your food, and since it’s active, you’ll get all the effects and benefits that cannabis offers. Use a selection of Ardent accessories and infusion kits to make oils, tinctures, alcohols, or topicals. Once you feel the effects of fully activated bud, you’ll understand why Ardent designed such a fantastic device.

Featured Ardent Products

Ardent Nova decarboxylator on kitchen table

Ardent FX – The Ardent FX decarboxylator is the ultimate all-in-one-portable cannabis kitchen. It can do it all even if you don’t have a kitchen or are on the go. With it, you’ll be able to activate, infuse, melt, and even bake your favorite cannabinoids. It’s easy to use and allows you to make any cannabis product.

Do you make a mean tuna salad or a serious ratatouille? No problem, activate your weed and add it to your favorite dishes to make your meal an even more out-of-this-world experience. You can fill the Ardent FX’s chamber with flowers, kief, or concentrate. It has enough space to activate 4 oz of flowers at a time. With the Ardent FX, the possibilities are endless!

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Ardent products have been featured on Leafly, Forbes, High Times, In., Now This, and Vice. Their Nova Lift decarboxylator was the first home decarb machine ever produced. They continue to innovate in the cannabis space and educate people on how to benefit from cannabis’ magical properties.

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