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About Cannabis Training University • CTU

Cannabis Training University: A complete curriculum for all levels of experience.

Cannabis Training University is the world’s leading online marijuana school and was developed to provide quality and comprehensive medical marijuana education to students across the globe. No longer must students live in a Medical Marijuana State to get cutting-edge information and instruction on this always controversial industry.

The mission of Cannabis Training University has always been to teach students about the medical marijuana industry and prepare them for a cannabis career.

The online Medical Marijuana Education series offered by Cannabis Training University is the most advanced and complete offered online. The team at Cannabis Training University includes some of the most recognized and knowledgeable members of the medical cannabis community worldwide. Our experts include marijuana attorneys, accountants, cannabis horticulturists, insurance agents, medical marijuana dispensary managers, marijuana point of sale software companies, cannabis chefs, and canna-business owners and vendors.

The Cannabis Training University headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, which provides us easy access to leading members of the medical marijuana industry. All classes can be taken right from home on any computer or smartphone, and CTU Certificates can be printed out on a home computer.

CTU has mailing offices across North America and maintains a strong presence in the cannabis community on both U.S coasts and Canada.

Cannabis Training University - Courses

Convenient Online Learning

Cannabis Training University is the only marijuana school offering online certifications as a Marijuana Grower and Budtender. The program includes detailed instruction on how to open a medical marijuana dispensary, how to cook with cannabis, cannabis extractions, medical marijuana, marijuana laws, marijuana tinctures, and topicals, how to make hash, how to make kief, and how to grow marijuana indoors and outdoors.

Students can learn about all facets of the marijuana industry, and use their CTU cannabis certifications to enter the booming field and start their own cannabis career.

Students can view our in-depth instructional marijuana videos right from home and get certified after successfully passing our CTU Master Certificate Exam. Anyone interested in learning more about medical marijuana, getting a job in the marijuana industry, or starting their own marijuana business will benefit from this 420 industry-leading program. The CTU Master of Medical Marijuana Certificate Program contains over 200 high definition videos and over 100 marijuana e-book training guides. It is the largest How to Grow Medical Marijuana program ever assembled and leads to the most recognized medical marijuana certificate available. Our instructors are at the top of their fields from various industries, brought together from various parts of the country. Students from all over the world enroll at Cannabis Training University every day, learning how to grow the best marijuana. CTU just finished shooting entirely new content, doubling our video content for you to enjoy! All new, updated, amazing, insider tips from top cannabis growers, top cannabis extraction technicians, budtenders, doctors, and more!

The History of CTU

CTU was formed in late 2009 in San Francisco, California at the beginning of the boom of the cannabis industry in the USA.

Many of the leading members of the California cannabis community formed together to present live seminars across the United States that covered as many aspects as possible in a 2-day span.

In 2011, after a year of highly-successful, yet limited by time seminars, CTU decided to move the cannabis college to an online format so we could include many more hours of information, and allow students from all over the world to enjoy the courses at an extremely affordable rate.

Today, with headquarters in Denver, Colorado, Cannabis Training University stands alone as the premier cannabis certification program and leading marijuana school.

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