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Why choose Bhang-Bhang?


Express Canada Post, Fast Reliable Shipping

Speed and privacy is important to us all. Discreet, vacuum sealed packaging, and shipped through Canada Post using Xpresspost (2-4 business days) for fast delivery. Free shipping for orders over $99.

Friendly Customer Support

Best Customer Support, your satisfaction with your experience with our shop is important to us. We want to make sure you are happy with your product. Feel free to get touch with us through email and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Smell, taste, look, texture, quality counts. We always test and judge before you get to order, this makes sure you never have to sift through pages and pages of product and trust that everything you order is good quality, you don’t deserve anything less.


Great quality and great prices! Our prices reflect our products, we provide good quality products at the best prices. We offer promotions, affiliation program. We value quality and the love in what we carry.

Shop potent cannabis flowers and cannabis products! We offer edibles that taste great, smoothest local BC shatter, premium small batch extracts, 100% solvent-less high pressure pressed rosin, high quality accessories that lasts, smoothest rolling paper and much more!

Potent Cannabis Flowers and Cannabis Products

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Shop With Us For Fresh Stock Of Cannabis

Shop with us

We update and refresh our menu frequently to keep the small batch quality in check

Our customer trust is important to us so we thought “What better way to gain trust than standing behind our well curated products”? You will be purchasing at ease as we inhouse test the potency of our products.

Your orders will have better shelf life, quality assurance, you wont find seeds, or bugs, or dog hair, or stemy cannabis nugs.

(honestly no one should be worried about it, but hey it happens and we understand)

Not your average mom, so what makes us unique?

We are a conscious boutique cannabis store that believes in the health benefits of Cannabis that helps people. Carrying a smaller inventory betters quality control. Our mission is to meticulously select products for our menu so that you don’t have to go anywhere!Just approach us to shop the best quality ounces and cannabis products at great prices.

Here at Bhang-Bhang, we feel that Cannabis Edibles in Canada can be very easy to get a hold of these days, however the saturation of the market has caused wave of loss in quality. Every dispensary is claiming to be premium, but often times its a hit or miss, stemy buds, bud rot, bad after taste in concentrate, or cheap quality accessories that break in a week. Don’t waste your money or break your bank by trying different things just to see if it’s good or decent, we understand the frustration. This is why at BHANG-BHANG.COM, we provide the Best Ounce Deals and Carry Edible Cannabis Products that we hand selected,tested and approved first.

We as cannabis connoisseurs for over 10 years, it gets tiring scrolling through pages and pages of Microdosing Shrooms & other products and even trying different sites when one does not live up to standards.

What we are doing here is simplifying your life for you by having already picked out some of the best products in each category, be it Magic Mushroom or Cannabis edibles product! We keep our inventory small as that is the only way to provide the freshest products to our customers.

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