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Sunday Scaries Review: Yolo Shot

In these crazy days, how many of us could use a boost of energy with a sense of mental calm? Let's see if the Sunday Scaries Yolo Shot works.

Trokie Review – Triple Strength Transdermal CBD Patch

Stick it on, forget it and feel better? Let's see in this Trokie review of their CBD patch how it worked for our pained expert.

43 CBD: CBD Oil Salve (1000mg CBD) – Ultra Deep Tissue Review

In our first 43 CBD Solutions review, we try out the CBD salve to see if it eases pains and is worth your money. Find out now.

Dr. Dabber Review – Boost: EVO

We were one of the first to receive the Dr. Dabber - Boost: EVO to test out. See in our Dr. Dabber review if you should buy it.

Magical CBD Cinnamon 3000 mg Tincture Review

Our reviewer got hold of all Magical CBD Tinctures, see how the cinnamon 3000mg stands up in flavor and reliability.

Magical CBD Orange 3000mg Tincture Review

Can this tincture truly live up to its Magical name or is it just wishful thinking? Find out in our newest Magical CBD 3000mg CBD tincture review.

Magical CBD Mixed Berry 3000mg Tincture Review

In this Magical CBD review, we get to see if this affordable CBD is reliable and tastes good compared to the competing brands.

Americana Uncut Review – OG Kush CBD 65% Vape Starter Kit (sold by

In this Americana Uncut review of their CBD Vape we try it out for a week straight and see how reliable it is and if it is worth your money.

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