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Can the pipe be re-invented? Find out in our WeedGets review since we were lucky enough to try the Maze and Slider pipes.

About Weedgets

Weedgets Discount Codes

If you’re interested in saving a ton of cash on innovative smoking devices, then use our daily verified Weedgets discount codes.

Consuming your herbs should always be a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, even if your rolling skills are off the charts, preventing hot, sticky resin from leaking and burning your lips is almost impossible. Weedgets decided to design a line of affordable devices that not only remove resin from touching your lips but also eradicates “scooby snacks” and protect your throat and lungs from burns.

Weedgets is dedicated to enhancing your smoking experience with the most innovative filter tips for your joints, blunts, and pipes, making your sessions smoother and more satisfying. The Boston-based company ships worldwide and offers free US shipping on all orders of $75 or more.  When ready to shop always check here for a verified Weedgets deal.

Popular Weedgets Products

Weedgets offers a line of products to make your smoking experience more enjoyable. Their Filter Adaptors are perfect roach clips that prevent burns and eliminate tar odor from your fingers. They even have a cooling effect that makes every hit more subtle on your lungs.

Weedgets designs next-generation pipes crafted to block resin and tar, allow for easy cleaning, and not break on falls. They also have tons of nifty accessories, like their smell-proof Doob Tube Kit, which is the ideal carrying case for your blunts and joints. Make sure to use our exclusive Weedgets coupons to get site-wide discounts.

Featured Weedgets Product

Weedgets Discount Deal Smoking Accessories Coupons The Slider Pipe

The Slider Pipe – TThe Slider Pipe utilizes a state-of-the-art waterless cooling filtration technology that works to safeguard your lungs from harsh smoke, resin, and tar. It’s made to provide an incredibly smooth smoking experience by minimizing coughing and enhancing your herb’s flavor. Safely stash it in your pocket or backpack; it has a retractable bowl that can store your flowers securely. The Slider Pipe is elegant, beautifully finished, and highly effective – everything you need in a high-quality pipe. Grab yours at an exclusive price when you use our verified Weedgets deal and The Slider and Weedgets Maze Pipe discount codes.

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If you’d like to sell Weedgets products in your store, you can visit Weedgets’ wholesale page. You’ll get direct support from the Weedgets team and get exclusive prices.  After checking out all Weedgets deal options here also make sure to see our other Pipe Coupons.

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