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Short term for the plant cannabis sativa, a species of the cannabis plant that is tall with narrow leaves.


Refers to low-quality bud or homegrown bud, typically with a low THC content.


Using a new smoking mechanism for the first time, which leaves behind resin. Some people believe that leftover resin helps slow the burning process, thus conserving more bud when smoking it in a well-seasoned piece.


Refers to a female cannabis plant that is grown without fertilization. This process is often preferred because the female plant will not grow seeds, therefore more energy is put into the flowering phase. Sensimilla plants often produce higher THC contents.


A term referring to the result of butane hash oil. Shatter usually a high THC product that is hard and can be broken into pieces, as opposed to wax.


Slang term referring to a strain of cannabis that is strong, usually with a very distinct, pungent smell that is similar to a skunk.


A large portion of hash oil or wax in a single lump, or slab.


Chemical used during the extraction process to separate the THC compound from the plant material. Solvents are necessary to create concentrates.


A product that is entirely free of residual solvent after the extraction process.

Solvent Recovery

Reusing solvent several times by collection it in a closed loop system of pumping it directly back in its original container.


Slang term referring to a joint that is rolled with both tobacco and marijuana.


Different varieties of the cannabis plant. These strains can either be pure or hybrid varieties. Each strain contains the same terpenes and cannabinoids, but in different amounts, making them useful for different types of products.


A dosing method for taking CBD concentrates and tinctures. Sublingual translates to “under the tongue.” Sublingual doses are dropped under the tongue directly on a small group of blood vessels. This application results in fast-acting effects because the CBD is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

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