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Any species of the cannabis plant that grows naturally in the wild. Each landrace is specific to its region or area and has particular traits that are a result of its environment. Most popular strains today are a result of crossbreeding between landraces, and landraces found in the wild are typically native to the continent of Asia.

Live resin

Аn extraction method that utilizes a fresh plant within 48 hours of harvest. This method ends in a potent product that has an aroma and flavor that is incredibly similar to the original plant. Sometimes live resin methods are completed using fresh-frozen flowers.

Low-temperature Dab

A dab that melts at a very low temperature, which can help preserve some cannabinoids and terpenes, often resulting in a more potent product as well as a clearer, stronger high. Low-temperature dabs are more suitable for e-nails and e-rigs and do not necessarily require a torch, which makes them more convenient for some users.

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