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A slang term for a thickly rolled joint.


Refers to a seed that is genetically modified so that it will only produce a female plant. When growing cannabis, flowers are harvested only from females. Fertilization of a female plant by a male plant will result in no flowering phase, therefore growers usually need to identify male plants and remove them.

Flowering period

The part of the Cannabis plant’s lifecycle where the flowers are formed. The flowering period varies for each strain of cannabis, but on average is between 7-9 weeks.


The part of the cannabis plant (also called “bud” or “weed” and “nugs”) that contains most of the THC content. Flowers also contain varying amounts of cannabidiol and other terpenes. This part of the plant is usually dried and used for smoking, making dabs, edibles, and other concentrates.

Fresh frozen

Refers to a bud that is cryogenically frozen immediately after harvest in order to preserve the potency of all cannabinoids and terpenes.

Full melt

Hash or concentrate that melts even at a low application of heat, which is typically a sign of a higher-quality concentrate.

Full Spectrum

A label for a CBD product that uses a “whole-plant” formula. This means that full spectrum oils, tinctures, or concentrates will contain all of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, as well as varying terpenes, fatty acids, and other plant nutrients. Full spectrum CBD products generally contain some THC, but can be harvested from a low-THC plant, resulting in little to no psychoactive effects. Full spectrum products are more wholesome because nothing is removed, so they carry their own unique potential health benefits.

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