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A strain of marijuana that is believed to have originated in California in the 1990’s. This strain is also called “OG Kush,” which is thought to mean “Ocean GRown Kush.” Many substrains were created from the OG strain. This strain is most often known for its long-lasting effects.


A short term for cannabis oil, which is a liquid form of a concentrate that is heated to produce a vapor. Some oils are designed to work when distributed orally.


A small smoking piece that only holds enough ground bud for one hit at a time. One-hitters are generally used for solo smoking sessions and are more portable than other smoking mechanisms.

Open Blasting

Used to describe any extraction that is done outside of a closed-loop system, in which some gaseous chemicals are lost into the air. Some states and private facilities have regulations against open blasting.


Refers to a product that is produced without unnatural or unnecessary chemicals, like pesticides. There is no legal standard for the term organic, so each producer may produce an “organic” product by their own standards.


Refers to an entire ounce of cannabis product or 28 grams of bud.

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