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A slang term for marijuana flowers. Ganja is usually used to refer to high-quality bud.


The first phase in the life cycle of any cannabis plant in which the plant sprouts from the seed. Cannabis seeds will germinate in the dirt or soil, but growers often germinate the seeds before planting them. This often results in quicker germination times and also allows growers to weed out any “duds.”


A slang term for a pipe, bong, bubbler, or another smoking mechanism that is made from glass.

Green out

A term used to explain the feeling of partaking in too much cannabis use, in which you are unable to recall many of the events that took place while you were high. This is a knockoff of the term “blackout” that is related to alcohol.


A small tool that features several compartments and is used to grind whole buds so that they can be rolled or packed in a bowl. The grinder features one compartment where the bud is loaded, which has teeth that close down on the whole bud to grind it. The second compartment often called the “catch” is where the bud ends up after it is small enough to pass through holes under the teeth. Some grinders feature a third compartment that is behind a mesh screen. This screen only allows kief to pass through and it gathers on the other side.

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