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Refers to cannabis use that is not for medical purposes, and instead is used to change your mental state or perception. Recreational use results in a high.


The leftover wax or another THC concentrate that gathers inside a dab rig while smoking. Reclaim can be heated and vaporized just like dabs, but often is much less potent and pure than the original product.

Residual Solvent

Any solvent that remains in the cannabis concentrate after the extraction process. The FDA places restrictions on how much solvent can remain in the product. Many producers have their own guidelines as well. Leftover solvent is potentially harmful to the user.


Refers to the cannabis trichomes used in the ahs making process. Resin also refers to the material left over after combustion. It is black and sticky in nature and can be difficult to clean out of a bowl, which causes clogs. The resin can be smoked, but has a low THC content and contains several other impurities that are a result of the burned bud.


A smoking mechanism used for vaporizing dabs or other concentrates. A rig typically has a nail in place of a bowl. The nail is heated to high temperatures and then wax or concentrate material is placed on the nail to vaporize it, producing a vapor that is purer than smoke from bongs or bowls. Dabbing with a rig is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume THC because it is particularly conservative and cleaner than combustion methods.

Rick Simpson Oil

A full spectrum extract from the cannabis plant containing high levels of CBD and THC, meaning it produces psychoactive effects. Many people prefer Rick Simpson Oil for treating serious conditions, like cancer, because it offers all the potential benefits of cannabidiol while boosting appetite and relieving pain.


The end of a blunt of joint that is generally too small to hold and smoke. Conservative smokers save roaches and break them down into bowls or other smoking mechanisms. Other may use a roach clip to smoke the last bit of each blunt.

Roach Clip

A small mechanism that allows you to grip the very end of a blunt or joint so that it does not burn your fingers


The species of Cannabis plant that is typically used to harvest CBD products. Ruderalis plants are around two feet high and have been known to autoflower over time, as opposed to autoflowering via light cycles.

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