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A thick, waxy THC concentrate that is vaporized at high temperatures and used for “dabbing,” a popular way to consume cannabis.


A common way to use CBD concentrates that involves a special dabbing rig. The rig has a “nail” that is heated to high temperatures. Then you put the dabs (a waxy solution of THC, CBD, or a combination of both) on the hot nail to vaporize it and inhale the vapor. Dabbing is a quick and effective method for consuming high amounts of CBD and it is used both medicinally and recreationally.


A slang term used to describe a strain of cannabis that is potent or of good quality.


Called “decarb” for short, refers to the process of heating marijuana to low temperatures in order to activate certain inactive acids. Heating cannabis buds turns CBDa into CBD and THCa into THC. This can increase the potency of the bud by increasing the THC content. This method is frequently utilized before making products like edibles or oil.


A specific type of cannabis named for its strong odor, which is similar ot gasoline or diesel fuel. These strains have sativa-like effects, usually high THC contents, and form dense flowers.


An add-on or premium feature for water pipes or bubblers that helps to increase airflow to further filter smoke.


Refer to “access point.”


An important part of an oil or dab rig. The dome fits over the nail enclosure to capture the vapor so that it does not escape into the air. This helps create a vacuum like affect that allows the product to vaporize more evenly.

Domeless Nail

Wax rig nail that does not include a dome, but is instead a dish-like mechanism made out of glass, titanium, or other heat conductive material. The wax or concentrate is placed directly onto the heated nail and vapor is pulled through a hole in the center and through the rig.


Also called the “stem,” this is a long piece of glass (or sometimes titanium) that connects the bowl to the rest of the pipe or bong. The downstem will generally sit under an inch of water when used properly in a water pipe. This forces the smoke through the water to be filtered and cooled.

Dry sieve hash

Also called “dry sift” and “kief,” dry dieve hash refers to the product produces when trichomes are split from the cannabis flower, producing a dry product that is highly potent. Some grinders feature a mesh screen that separates and collects the dry sieve hash.


A small wooden box with two compartments. One small compartment holds ground bud. The other compartment holds a one-hitter. You can dip the one-hitter’s empty end into the bud compartment in order to pack it. This is a convenient method for carrying bud discreetly but is only suitable for personal use because the bud storage is very limited.


A rubber or plastic mat placed underneath a dab or oil rig that keeps the mechanism from sliding, prevents scratches or damage and catches any potential mess.


Removing lipids and fats from a cannabis concentrate in order to create a final product that is purer. This method is used for creating shatter and some other concentrates.

Directional Airflow

Occurs when the carb cap on an oil/dab rig is rotated. Some carb caps feature ingrained holes that line up with the cup and increase airflow and convection, thus producing and wasting less vapor.

Directional Flow

Folding parchment paper (that is used in the rosin pressing process) using a certain technique that redirects the concentrate deposit to one location.

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