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A form of cross-breeding that includes breeding the offspring to one of its parents in order to obtain a strain that is more genetically similar to the parent strain. This helps to single out and increase certain genetic properties in the offspring


The amount of an active substance (like CBD) that enters the bloodstream and can be used by the body


Method of smoking cannabis that includes using a blunt wrap or cigar leaf, with the tobacco removed, to roll ground cannabis buds. This method is similar to smoking a joint


 An apparatus used for smoking herb. Generally, a bond is made out of either ceramic, plastic, or glass and features a bowl, stem, and mouthpiece. The smoke is pulled through the stem and filtered through water, which cools the smoke and filters out some resin.


The part of the smoking apparatus (like bong, pipe, or bubbler) that is bowl-shaped. This bowl is meant to hold dry herb and has two holes for air flow to allow the herb to burn and the smoke to filter to the mouthpiece.

Broad Spectrum

An oil that contains more than just CBD (or another specifically defined cannabinoid). It generally contains a blend of other terpenes and cannabinoids, but still contains little to no THC if is a CBD based product.


 A smoking mechanism similar to a bong in that it uses water to filter the smoke. Bubblers are more like pipes in size and shape since they are much smaller and typically do not have removable bowls or stems.


A slang term referring to marijuana flowers.


A person who works at a marijuana dispensary. A budtender will have extensive knowledge of all of the cannabis products in the shop and be able to help you choose a product that best fits your needs.

Butane Extraction

A method used to extract cannabinoids from the cannabis plant that involves soaking the plant material in butane to separate the oils.

Butane Hash Oil

A high-THC substance created by using butane to separate the THC from the flower. Once the butane is burned away, the leftover substance is thick or waxy and generally called “wax” or “shatter.”

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