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Vacuum oven

A piece of equipment used to remove residual solvent. The mechanism creates convection and uses heat to deplete solvent levels in concentrate slurry.

Vape Pen

Handheld mechanism that features an internal heating chamber. Vape pens heat vape oil in order to produce vapor and can be used to vape cannabis oil and other cannabis vaping products. Many people choose vape pens because they are portable and battery powered, which makes them more convenient than a standard oil rig.

Vape oil

A liquid solution that usually contains vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. CBD vape oil contains cannabidiol as well. This type of CBD product can be used with a vape mod to produce vapor and allow you to consume CBD in a similar method to smoking.


Mechanism used to vaporize dry bud or cannabis concentrate. A vaporizer, as opposed to a vape pen, can vaporize larger quantities, making it more appropriate for social smoking.

Vegetative stage

The longest growing phase of a cannabis plant. The vegetative stage requires over 12 hours of light and is the primary phase in which the plant grows taller and wider. This is also when most of the leaves are grown. When the season changes (or artificial lighting is reduced) the plants receive less light and move to the flowering phase.

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