IHL CBD Hash Sativa Black Hash Review (Blueberry)

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IHL CBD Hash Sativa Black Hash – Blueberry – 1g 20% CBD (Pipe Included)













  • Full-spectrum cannabinoid profile
  • CO2 extraction
  • Super high concentration
  • Includes CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN
  • Non-GMO
  • Made using old word Moroccan techniques
  • Strain-specific Blueberry terpenes
  • Multiple ways to consume


  • Included pipe is hard to use
  • 3rd party lab tests are not available online
  • Don't know exact cannabinoid concentration
Product Review
IHL CBD Black Hash Save On Cannabis Review
Brand Overview: IHL

IHL CBD (sold by PureCBDVapors.com) specializes in making terpene-infused CBD Hash and vape oils with different flavors and effect-specific formulas. The terpenes in the Hash products mirror the terpene profiles of popular cannabis strains, like OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Blueberry (the product we’re reviewing).

Also, the company has a third-party lab test the potency of each product to ensure accurate dosing information for its customers.

Even more, it uses a safe and heat-free extraction process called CO2, to preserve the full-spectrum profiles of the hemp extracts. Finally, its products get made in the United States.

Products: Vape oil and CBD hash (other flavors).

Price Range ($-$$$$): $$

About IHL CBD Black Hash

This 1 gram of Black Hash (100% kief) comes in a small container with a twist-off lid and a little pipe. With 20% CBD along with other hemp cannabinoids, CBG, CBC, and CBN, it packs a strong potency.

It also includes botanical terpenes similar to those in the Blueberry cannabis strain.

The purpose of this product is to get the benefits of CBD using inhalation. This is one of the fastest delivery methods, whereby effects can be felt within minutes.

IHL CBD Black Hash Save On Cannabis Review Beauty Shot

IHL CBD Black Hash Specifications
IHL CBD Black Hash Save On Cannabis Review Specifications
  • 1 gram Kief-derived black hash
  • CO2 extraction (zero heat)
  • Full-spectrum profile with 20% CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN
  • Non-GMO & 100% organic
  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • Certified EU tested and regulated
  • Made using old world Moroccan techniques
  • Blueberry flavor & botanical terpenes
  • Between 80 to 100 total hits

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How We Tested IHL CBD Black Hash

This was my first time ever smoking hash, which was a little intimidating. I smoke flower and vape oil, but again this form of inhalation was new to me. I used the pipe that’s included, but I would have preferred a water bong, maybe next time, since I don’t own one yet.

I smoked the hash a few times before writing this review. Mostly at night before bed to see how it would help me sleep.

IHL CBD Black Hash Save On Cannabis Review Testing Process

How the IHL CBD Black Hash Worked for Me

Overall I really enjoyed the effects. Like most of the CBD I smoke, this Blueberry Black Hash was fast-acting, but due to its concentrated nature, it was heavy hitting. Much stronger than hemp flower or vape oil for me.

Mostly, I felt very relaxed and because I consumed it at night, it helped me feel more tired and ready for bed. I felt the effects mostly in the body, where any tension I might have had, disappeared.

The taste of the kief was ok, nothing special. But, I’m willing to bet the flavor is a whole lot better with a water bong or vaporizer.

Using the small pipe was a bit awkward for me, especially loading the hash at the end of the pipe and making sure it was packed tight enough. While also ensuring the inhale would be easy and natural.

Useful and Unique Things to Know About IHL CBD Black Hash

You don’t have to use the included pipe to smoke the CBD Black Hash, you can use your own vape device, such as a pen or dab rig, or sprinkle some on your flower before rolling up a joint. It has multi-uses, which is a really great quality of this product.

IHL CBD Black Hash — Blueberry Ratings

In the next sections gradings from 0-100 on our review, these grades add up to give the product’s overall score.


The labeling was detailed, helpful, and well laid out.


Consistent effects of feeling relaxed, calm, with relief of physical tension.


CO2 extraction and 3rd-party lab-tested, but test results not available online.


The flavor was subtle but could be better with a vaporizer.

VALUE • 85

A little pricey when not on sale, but still offers good value.

PROS of the IHL CBD Black Hash — Blueberry

This product derives from non-GMO full-spectrum hemp that undergoes CO2 extraction to preserve the plant’s beneficial properties. Also, the product is lab-tested and contains CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN, all primary and therapeutic cannabinoids.

Also, it includes botanical terpenes to mimic those in the Blueberry (Sativa dominant) cannabis strain. Finally, the hash gets created using old world Moroccan techniques.

CONS of the IHL CBD Black Hash — Blueberry

The lab reports aren’t available online, so we couldn’t verify the potency or see if it was tested for any contaminants or chemicals. In addition, the included pipe is not the best.

How IHL CBD Black Hash Stacks Up Against the Competition

IHL CBD Black Hash is priced higher than the competition even though it has the same or less CBD potency (per 1 gram) than other brands. And unlike other brands, it doesn’t provide copies of the COAs (lab test results) online. So, these are a few downfalls.

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