Vaporizer: Davinci IQ Review

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Davinci IQ

9.7 Davinci IQ Review - Hands On - Save On Cannabis


  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Mobile App Integrated
  • Smart Path Temperature Settings
  • Flavor Chamber
  • 100% Ceramic Zirconia Air Path
  • Removable/Replaceable Lithium Battery
  • Boost Mode
  • Lots of Accessory Options


  • Heats Up to Touch
  • Loading Compartment Can Possibly Open in Pocket

Brand Overview: Davinci Vaporizers

Davinci IQ reviewDavinci Vaporizers proudly says that they offer the “World’s most advanced portable vaporizers.”  The newest in their line is the Davinci IQ, descending from a history of amazing previous Davinci models like the Davinci Classic and the Davinci Ascent.  All the previous models have a strong history of winning awards and have been mainstays in the vaporizer market for years.  All Davinci products are made with the new users and the connoisseurs in mind, as they are easy to get started with but also look to offer precise control for the most advanced users.

All Davinci products look to stand out in design and be at the forefront of innovation.  When you carry a Davinci those around you are likely to see the quality of the product in a quick glimpse.  The main pillars of the Davinci brand are said to be: Purity, Innovation, and Control.

Davinci cannabis vaporizers are a brand that is brought up immediately in the industry whether you are looking to vape dry herb or oils.

Products: Davinci IQ, Davinci Classic, and the Davinci Ascent.

Price Range ($-$$$$): $$$$

About the Davinci IQ Vaporizer

The Davinci IQ is the newest in the Davinci family.  The IQ vaporizer prides itself on its innovation and beautiful design, but the only major lacking feature is that it is only a dry herb vaporizer unlike the other two in the Davinci family which also do oils.  This is not a comparison review of the Davinci IQ to their other hardware, but if you are looking for a vaporizer to primarily do oil then this is not your product.  If looking for an oil vaporizer make sure to check out the Davinci Ascent and Davinci Classic hardware options.

This is the first app-connected device that Davinci has made, being directly integrated with the Davinci app.  Don’t worry though, you can still use the Davinci IQ without your smartphone, but the primary customization features are handled within the app.  The app for the IQ is a place to track your usage, adjust any of the preset temperature settings, and if desired can adjust and view the temperature in real time on your device’s screen.  Also, if you really want to show off, you can actually turn on your vaporizer from within the app.  The Davinci app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is free to download.

Got our hands on the Davinci IQ in the Gunmetal color:

Davinci IQ Review - Hands On - Gunmetal

All materials in the Davinci IQ are top of the line with clean vaping in mind and also reliability.  Features like the 100% ceramic zirconia air path along with the pearl zirconium insulative spacer provide nice dense puffs that are pure flavor.  Also, a unique component of the Davinci IQ is its flavor chamber made of 100% zirconia ceramic this feature allows you to add flavors into the air path, store extra herb, and also is easily removed for cleaning device resin.

The Davinci IQ comes in four standard colors:

Davinci IQ Review - Four Colors

Turning on the Davinci IQ – The Control Button

Davinci IQ Review - InstructionsTurning on the IQ is much like many other vaporizers you’ve used.  The top button on the side of the device is called the “control” button which when pressed 5 times will turn on and off the device.  This button also acts as a control for various features including precision temperature setting and boost mode.

With one tap of the “control” button when the device is turned on you will see the digital temperature display change to a numbered display.

When vaping, if you hold down the control button this activates “Boost Mode” which keeps the device at the highest temperature the entire time you inhale.  When you release the button the device cools down, this is a nice way to go for a big vape plume without overburning the rest of your herbs.

Setting the Davinci IQ Temperature

The Davinci IQ offers a precision temperature experience which allows you to set it to the exact degree of heat that you want or also can quickly set itself to any of the four Smart Path heating modes.

IQ’s Smart Path Technology allows the user to select 4 different temp settings which let the device automatically set the best temperature for your vaping sessions.

Default temperature settings are:

  • Smart Path 1: Start Temp 350 degrees Fahrenheit, End Temp 370 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Smart Path 2: Start Temp 370 degrees Fahrenheit, End Temp 390 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Smart Path 3: Start Temp 390 degrees Fahrenheit, End Temp 410 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Smart Path 4: Start Temp 410 degrees Fahrenheit, End Temp 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why having various heating temperature settings is important is since you can look to have different smoking experiences based on the temperature of the heating element.  Check out this article about different vaping experiences possible by playing with the temperature of the vape device.

See our video below of the turning on of the Davinci IQ and the four levels of Smart Path displayed on the main LED display:

The Davinci IQ offers a 51 LED light display that showcases the exact temperature of the device at the click of a button and adjusts in real time.  The visual display allows you to know exactly what heat you are running, but you don’t need to watch it to know you are at the right temperature since the device also provides a nice vibrating cue when it reaches your set level.

Watch us set the exact temperature with the Davinci IQ:

The Davinci IQ is a dry herb only vaporizer, though there are some reports online of people “sandwiching” their concentrates with herb.  Davinci makes no recommendation about “sandwiching” concentrates into the IQ and here at Save On Cannabis we don’t recommend this and instead say get an Ascent or Classic if concentrates are a regular part of your medicating.

Loading the Davinci IQ

Like other dry herb vaporizers, the flower you use should be ground before putting it into the device.  The loading compartment on the bottom of the Davinci IQ flips open easily with a magnetic connection.  When it flips open you will immediately see the pearl zirconium insulate spacer which will help pack down the herb.

The Davinci IQ loading chamber is on the bottom of the device and flips open like a Zippo lighter:

Davinci IQ Review - Loading Chamber Photo

Davinci IQ Flavor Chamber

The flavor chamber is 100% zirconia ceramic and is a unique aspect of the Davinci IQ.  In our readings, we have heard people doing everything from storing extra herb here or even adding coffee grinds to customize their vape session.

See the Davinci IQ flavor chamber pictured below it is the black circle.

Davinci IQ Review - Flavor Chamber

The flavor chamber is also the air path, so all elements added to the chamber impact your overall vapor taste by acting like a filter for the vapor to come through on the way to your mouth through the mouthpiece.  Also, when the flavor chamber is empty this seems to be where the resin collects, this chamber is easily removed by flipping the device over and then you can open it with the special tool and clean it with the brush both included in the box pictured below.  In our tests we tried without anything in the flavor chamber and then with some extra dry herb stored.

Flavor chamber opening tool and cleaning brush:

Davinci IQ Flavor Chamber tool and cleaning brush

Rechargeable and Replaceable Lithium Battery

The battery on the Davinci IQ is easily replaceable if there are any issues, it is a lithium 18650 battery and can easily be removed from next to the flavor chamber under the mouthpiece on the top of the device.

Replaceable batteries are sold at a very cheap price on the Davinci site so if you ever have an issue you can pick up a new one for just around $12.

Davinci Review - Battery

What is in the box with the Davinci IQ?

The Davinci IQ comes in a beautiful packaging and has a few goodies.

  • Davinci Sticker
  • Extended Mouthpiece
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Flavor Chamber Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Dry Herb Carry Case Keychain
  • Alcohol Wipes

Davinci IQ accessories in the box:

Davinci IQ - Whats in the box?

Davinci IQ - Open Accessories

Davinci IQ - Review - Sticker

Davinci IQ - Extended Mouthpiece

Davinci IQ- Review - USB Charging Cable

Davinci IQ - Dry Herb Carry Case Keychain

Davinci IQ Technical Specifications

Davinci IQ - Open Box

Device Dimensions
1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D

Device Weight
5 oz

Heat-up Time (to 230° F)
16 Sec

Rechargeable / Replaceable 18650 Battery

Charging Time
3 Hours

10 Year

Davinci IQ Glove

We were also sent the IQ Glove which is a $10.95 case for the IQ.  This is a silicone based sleeve for the vaporizer that helps protect it from scratches and dents.  Overall, we liked the look of the vaporizer with the glove on it and it gives it a little extra grip so it is harder to drop, but the only issue is that the sleeve itself slides up and down on the device since there is no way for the glove to cover the bottom or top of the device to stay on more securely…since it would cover the mouthpiece and the loading chamber.

The Glove looks cool and does give protection, but would prefer it to somehow stay on the device more securely during regular usage.

Davinci IQ Review - Glove Case

How We Tested the Davinci IQ

We ordered some fresh dry herb one was Sour Lemon Haze and the other was Chronic CBD.  Why we got one that was a standard strain and another which was a high CBD strain was to test out the recent recommendations to burn CBD at a higher temperature than a THC strain, we wanted to test at 392 degrees Fahrenheit.  For the THC strain, we wanted to test at a lower range being at 356 Fahrenheit.  The first stage of the test was to try the “Smart Path” ranges and then test them out at specific temperatures.

Testing with the Sour Lemon Haze

When we first tested the Sour Lemon Haze we tested it at the first Smart Path range of 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 370 degrees Fahrenheit.  With this test, it seemed like the vapor plumes took a while to actually be noticeable and had to suck hard on the device.  It is best to slowly suck at a regular pace instead of one major suck, but either way, our vapor seemed much less at the low temperature.  Since the plumes were small we bumped it up to the second Smart Path of 370 degrees Fahrenheit to 390 degrees Fahrenheit just to see the plume sizes in comparison.  At the higher Smart Path setting the plumes were larger, but we wanted our ideal temperature to be 356 degrees for this strain, so decided it would be best to set it with the precision adjustments to the exact temperature.

The setting at the exact temperature gave us peace of mind to know we were testing at the recommended heat, but honestly, the plumes were still small for us.  Also, the flavor of this flower was not as good as we hoped so the setting of 356 degrees is for the “connoisseur” but the flower didn’t fulfill our expectations so actually ended up enjoying it more at a higher temperature.  Also, this specific flower did better once we added some of the extra herb into the Flavor Chamber since the dry unheated herb actually had a good smell and terpene base that helped balance the vapor overall.

Our biggest concern using the Flavor Chamber was that it would be much harder to suck since it is the air path, but in usage was not hard to get a decent vape with a full chamber.  Over time, we are curious to see how gunky the herb gets in the Flavor Chamber, not sure if it will waste the flower with condensation and resin but will see how it goes.

Testing with the Chronic CBD

For the Chronic CBD we set the Smart Path range to the default 3 setting of 390 degrees to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.  While this setting would end up higher than we wanted for our CBD testing, which was to be a max of 392 degrees we liked the concept of the Smart Path and a gradual growth in heat and plumes.  This setting overall provided nice vapor and a pleasant experience.  We then also tested the Boost Mode by holding down the control button.  It’s nice to be able to max out your inhale for a big puff once in a while by using this Boost Mode, but overall it is a nice feature that we use once every smoke session now.  To wrap up our tests we also set the temperature directly at the 392 degree burn that we wanted and kept it there for the long haul.

Overall, our testing with the Chronic CBD went much smoother since the flower was a better tasting flower and the higher temperature gave us nice big vapors.  Also, based on the study we read it would seem like we maxed out the CBD we could get from each puff since we had such explicit control over the temperature and could keep from hitting the combustion mode while going as hot as possible.

Also worth noting is we also tested the extended mouthpiece, but don’t see this as our ideal way since it feels like you are sucking on a straw but the extended mouthpiece is a key component to some of the accessories that the IQ offers which we do have interest in testing.

Using the Davinci App with the Davinci IQ

The IQ is the first Davinci vaporizer to be integrated with a mobile app.  We tested the app on iOS and found it to be a nice addition, with one noticeable bug.  The app is useful with the Davinci IQ since within the application you can adjust the Smart Paths and set them to be custom.  For us, we ended up adjusting our Smart Path range slightly so that Smart Path 2 now ends at 392 degrees instead of 390 degrees.  This is a very minor change but lets it be so that our temperature now ends at the max we wanted for our CBD strain.

Also, in the app, you can do things like change from Fahrenheit to Celsius.  This is important for users across the world to be able to customize for their localized needs.

The bug we noticed in the app is also a benefit of the setup.  When you first start up the app with the vaporizer nearby it automatically recognizes your device without a complicated Bluetooth pairing…which is the nice part.  What we noticed though is that sometimes for us the app didn’t recognize the device, likely because the pairing is not as direct.  To correct this bug we would just have to force close the app and reopen.

Overall, while the app integration is cool and a nice feature to show off the app itself is not completely necessary once you have your custom settings setup on your device.  We don’t know how much we will use the app in the future, but still will keep the app on our phone and on occasion show off to friends that we can actually turn on the IQ from our phone.  Over time I would be more curious to see more FitBit like analytics which would make me want to open the app more and also maybe some features like smoke session journaling.

How the Davinci IQ Worked for Me

Overall we really like the Davinci IQ.  If I was a heavier oil user (besides cartridge oils) then I would need to get the Ascent or the Classic instead of the IQ, but as a go-to dry herb vaporizer IQ will be my go to from now on.  Straight out of the box it is a great device and I already see some accessories I feel are necessary.

The first accessory I want is the Glass Spacers that they offer which will allow us to fill up the loading chamber with less herb.  We think the spacers are ideal since you can pack smaller hits (one-hitter please) and also we think it would make it easier to clean over time if doing a good amount of short solo smoke sessions.

The second accessory I am excited to try is the Nectar Collector Honeybird Core.  While the vape is great directly from the Davinci IQ, I can’t help but want to try the water filtration option.  This isn’t necessary to enjoy your daily vape with the IQ, but it sure sounds like an extra special treat to pull out at home and with friends.


Useful and Unique Things to Know About Davinci IQ

When we were testing the IQ we noticed the heat of the unit to touch remained for a while after turning off the device.  The heat was nothing dangerous or alarming but did last longer than expected.  We also noticed that if using the app you could actually see the temperature of the vape when in standby mode/turned off cooling back to normal so could see that it was around 200 degrees for a good amount of time.  Knowing this, I would always keep the device out of my pocket for a bit after use if possible and also did like that the Glove case since it did minimize the heat.  Also, the Glass Spacers accessory is even more interesting now since we would like to avoid any extra heat on the herb that remains in the loading chamber so would prefer to just load it with as much as we are going to smoke in the session using the spacers.

Davinci IQ Rating Breakdown

Please note that these grades add up to give the product’s overall score.


This device is beautiful and all the packaging is also dead on.  We were very happy when we opened the Davinci IQ, each step of the design and packaging is perfected.  All materials used on the hardware and accessories are top notch as well as all printed materials.  You will not be disappointed with this product on appearance in any way.  The only thing we wish would be added is a small carry bag with a pull top to protect easily in your pocket without much extra bulk.


This product works as it is supposed to and we trust that each time we use it will be a workhorse for us in our sessions.  The only knock on our rating is for the minor bug in the app, the hardware itself is the most reliable we have used in our tests.


The Davinci IQ feels like a refined piece of hardware and solid in your hand.  Also, knowing that the main issues I would think would have are display oriented or battery makes me trust that the LED display would last a long time and if there was an issue with the battery we can cheaply buy a new one.  I don’t foresee any issues from this device as long as you don’t throw it on the ground.  When we hold the IQ we want to treat it like a smartphone, we know it is strong and pretty but really want to also be good to it.


The IQ is made for beginners and advanced users.  Having the Smart Path technology makes it easy for a new user to turn it on and just select the level they like most without worry.  For an advanced user, they have a range of customizations for each session whether it be temperature or adding on accessories.  For any user, it is easy to get up and running quickly and have a smooth first smoking session.


This is the main category we had to knock down the IQ a bit.  The vape hardware and experience is fantastic, but it does come with a pretty hefty price tag.  Being sold at $274 it is more expensive than the Pax 2 and Pax 3.  Why we had to knock it down a bit is that with the Pax 3 you will get to also have a vape that handles concentrates and for a more novice user the Pax 2 can easily cover your needs for less money.  Overall, we still find the IQ worth the money based on the precision control you get with temperature settings without having to rely on the mobile app.  Also, we feel like the IQ itself is built out of stronger and more reliable materials that should last more uses than the Pax products.  Also, the awesome accessories that are available for the IQ cannot be beaten by the Pax.

How the Davinci IQ Stacks Up Against the Competition

The Davinci IQ stands up well to its competitors as a solid piece of hardware that covers the needs of the most advanced users.  We are still very excited by the first accessories that the IQ has and want to see more come to market.  The ability to add on accessories really makes this feel like a device you can customize for each smoking session.  Also, the ease and speed of setting the temperature to exactly what we want with a fast heat up time give us complete confidence in the device each usage.

Saving Money With Davinci Vaporizer Coupons

If you are looking for a vape pen check out our coupon page for vape pens for your vape and eRig hardware needs.


Disclosure: I received these products gratis so that I could try them and then share my honest opinion with the SOC community. Though I am employed by Save on Cannabis, I did not receive compensation for writing this review.  SOC may receive recurring affiliate payments for purchases made based on this content.

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