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R+R Medicinals CBD Hemp Extract Tincture

9.8 R & R Medicinals CBD Hemp Extract Tincture Save On Cannabis Review


  • Full spectrum hemp extract
  • Organically outdoor grown hemp on Colorado farms
  • Full panel of third-party lab tests
  • Natural mint flavoring
  • Infused with MCT oil from coconuts
  • Medium-high dose of CBD
  • Terrific value
  • Comes with graduated dropper


  • The flavor is so-so
R+R Medicinals CBD Hemp Extract Tincture
Product Review
R &Amp; R Medicinals Cbd Hemp Extract Tincture Save On Cannabis Review
Brand Overview: R+R Medicinals

R+R Medicinals is a veteran, minority, and family-owned CBD business based in Colorado. The company prides itself on exceptional customer service. Based on our positive interaction with them I agree that their service is top-notch.

Also, R+R Medicinals believes in full transparency, fair pricing, and sourcing the best quality hemp available. To embody the term transparency, they provide access to lab testing results on their website and hard copies of their third-party lab testing results with my package.

Since the company is vertically integrated, they manage the operations of the business from seed to sale. This means they save more costs and pass those on to consumers through affordable pricing. As for the quality of its hemp, R+R Medicinals works with local farmers in the state of Colorado who grow their plants outdoors, using organic methods.

Finally, two more major perks about ordering from this company include free domestic shipping and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Products: Tinctures, gummies, topicals, and pet products

Price Range ($-$$$$): $

About R+R Medicinals CBD Hemp Extract Tincture

R+R Medicinals Hemp Extract Tincture contains a full-spectrum CBD formula. The carrier oil chosen for this product is MCT oil from coconuts. There’s also a natural peppermint flavor to spice things up. The bottle holds 30ml of tincture oil for a serving of medium-high potency of 33mg of CBD per ml.

The purpose of this tincture is to have a quick and convenient way to incorporate CBD into your day. You can place some drops of the oil under your tongue, add some to your coffee or tea, or stir the drops into your protein shake or fruit smoothie.

R &Amp; R Medicinals Cbd Hemp Extract Tincture Save On Cannabis Review Beauty Shot

R+R Medicinals CBD Hemp Extract Tincture Specifications
R &Amp; R Medicinals Cbd Hemp Extract Tincture Save On Cannabis Review Specifications
  • 1,000mg of full-spectrum hemp (CBD) per bottle
  • 33.3mg of CBD per ml
  • Organically grown outdoor hemp from Colorado
  • MCT oil from coconut & natural mint flavoring
  • Comes in a recyclable box
  • Dark color bottle to reduce light or heat damage
  • Has a graduated dropper cap

How We Tested R+R Medicinals CBD Hemp Extract Tincture

Before I wrote this review, I used the tincture for 2 weeks straight. For the first few days, I placed 20 to 25 mg of CBD under my tongue in the mornings. Then I started taking it in the morning and at night. During my final testing week, I was up to 33mg of CBD both during the morning and at night.

R &Amp; R Medicinals Cbd Hemp Extract Tincture Save On Cannabis Review Testing Process

How the R+R Medicinals Hemp Extract Tincture Worked for Me

I love this tincture. Even though it wasn’t my favorite taste-wise, the effects were wonderful and I could always count on them. So, the consistency in the effects was the highlight of this product for sure.

Whenever I supplemented with the tincture, within 30 minutes or so, I felt amazing. A wave of calm and peace would flow over me. This helped me stay balanced instead of stressed while getting my work, chores, or cooking done during the week.

The tincture did exactly what CBD promises to do. Yet, not every CBD product actually delivers on this. So, I was happy, to say the least. Between the high-quality hemp and ingredients, along with finding the perfect dose, the tincture was a welcomed addition to my daily self-care routine.

Useful and Unique Things to Know About R+R Medicinals CBD Hemp Extract Tincture

R+R Medicinals Hemp Extract Tincture does contain small traces of THC (less than 0.3%). Although full spectrum formulas potentially have more benefits than CBD isolates, some people may prefer 100% THC-free for personal or work-related reasons.

There are no artificial flavorings or preservatives, the peppermint flavor comes from natural sources.

R+R Medicinals CBD Hemp Extract Tincture Ratings

In the next section, we provide ratings from 0-100 based on our testing period. Add up these ratings to arrive at an overall score for the product.


Wonderful presentation, and descriptive, helpful information on the label.


Same great effects with every single dose.


Clean source of hemp, third-party lab tested, and natural ingredients.


Strong hemp and peppermint taste, but not off-putting.

VALUE • 100

Excellent price point making it very affordable.

PROS of the R+R Medicinals Hemp Extract Tincture

One of the major pros of this product has to do with its source of hemp. The hemp plants grow in the outdoor sun, the extract gets sent to third-party labs and they test the potency and check for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbials. Also, this bottle packs 1,000mg of CBD for a great price and value. Furthermore, the company offers free domestic shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

CONS of the R+R Medicinals Hemp Extract Tincture

It was difficult coming up with something negative to say about this product. If there was a con, I’d say it was the flavor, although this is a subjective thing to rank. The taste wasn’t my favorite at first, but over time it grew on me and I didn’t really notice it.

How R+R Medicinals CBD Hemp Extract Tincture Stack Up Against the Competition

There’s a lot of competition in the CBD oil tincture arena. At this point in time, it’s almost impossible to stand out. Even if R+R Medicinals doesn’t rank in the number 1 spot, I’d say they still stack up against the best in the industry.

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