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4 Corners Cannabis Vape Liquid 500mg













  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Potent
  • Effective For Relaxation and Anxiety Relief
  • Tastes Nice
  • Transparent Company


  • On the More Expensive Side

Brand Overview: 4 CORNERS CANNABIS

From a small family farm in Durango, Colorado, the 4 Corners Cannabis company not only creates the highest quality CBD dominant products on the market, but they’re growers too! By controlling the product from seed to packaging, this company guarantees you’re getting the most effective products possible. With decades of experience working with CBD genetics, 4 Corners Cannabis is a leader in the industry, often creating products others try to copy. Their CBD products are 20-100 times more effective than the competition because of their gentle extraction process that is key to not ruining the integrity of the genetics when the hemp is turned into an oil. This company is committed to education about CBD and listening to the needs of customers. All of their products are legal under International Laws and in all 50 US states.

Products: Oral CBD Oil Tinctures, Avocado Oil CBD Tincture, CBD Vape Liquid, CBD Salve, CBD Pedigree Oil for Animals, 4 Corners Cannabis T-shirts in dark blue and green

Price Range: $$$$


4 Corners Cannabis Review - Cbd Vape Liquid

4 Corners Cannabis has created one of the finest quality CBD dominant vape liquids on the market. It’s a potent vape liquid for people who like using a refillable vape cartridge to get relief on-the-go! The company uses their homegrown “Ma’at” cannabis strain that contains high levels of a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes for a more effective oil. This full-spectrum hemp oil extract is also a multipurpose product that can be taken orally as well as vaped (which I personally like because I initially didn’t have a refillable vape pen.) Vaping the product allows for instantaneous relief while oral consumption is best for long lasting relief.

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4 Corners Cannabis Review - Cbd Vape Liquid Ingredients - Save On Cannabis

  • Ingredients: Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, CBD Dominant Hemp Extract, Limonene (Orange Extract)
  • Sweet hash oil taste
  • Comes in 250, 500, and 1000 mg of full spectrum hemp extract
  • The 1000 mg bottle can fill 1.5 ml vape cartridge 20 times!
  • Best to start at a low temperature and slowly work your way up
  • Vaping directions: take a few puffs until you feel relief
  • Oral directions: Take 2 drops for every 10 lbs of body weight, once a day. Take 90 minutes before pharmaceuticals to avoid any interactions
  • Contains <.3% THC
  • Made in Colorado
  • Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight
  • Lab Tested – https://4cornerscannabis.com/labs/
  • $5 flat rate shipping
  • Ships within 24 hours and take 2-3 business days
  • Discreet packaging
  • Legal internationally and all 50 US states
  • All natural ingredients with the most potent hemp extract on the market!


4 Corners Cannabis Cbd Vape Review - Mission - Save On CannabisI was stoked to try the 4 Corners Cannabis Vape Liquid because, out of the many CBD companies I’ve looked at, their website, especially their Facebook page, seemed the most transparent and informative. Like, did you know that taking tinctures is only good for long-term relief? I’ve been trying tinctures for a while, and I thought they didn’t really work because I expected them to give me relief right away. Most companies tout their tinctures as being a miracle natural medication for instantaneous relief. However, according to the decades of research done by the experts at 4 Corners Cannabis company, this is not the case. You need to take it every day as a supplement to feel the results. So, thank you 4 Corners, for actually being honest about your product.

I digress. While the company’s vape liquid can be taken orally, my intention was to vape it because I needed a more instantaneous relief for the daily angst I feel towards my cat. I love my cat, but she has been extra, extra high maintenance lately. She’s almost nineteen-years-old and has lost some teeth, so she is only able to lick up food, and there is only one store in my neighborhood that sells pureed food, and now her poops are disgusting, and I have to change her litter way more than normal AND… Honestly, I could go on. She’s eating me into the poor house. I spend more money on her food and cat litter than I do on human food. I needed something to help me feel less stressed. A CBD vape session throughout the day seemed like a nice, natural alternative to day drinking. It’s good for me and my cat.

It was my first time filling up a refillable vape cartridge, but it couldn’t have been easier. I screwed off the top of the cartridge and used the 4 Corners Cannabis Vape Liquid dropper to fill up it up. Then I screwed the cartridge onto my pen and was ready to go. I took one hit, then another.


Vaping is hands down my favorite method for taking CBD so far. I felt not high, per say, but high. I felt relaxed like I had taken a quarter of a valium but without that narcotic feeling. It tasted nice, like hemp and oranges. One of the great things about vaping is that the smoke isn’t heavy like smoking marijuana and doesn’t leave your house smelly (although anything is better the smell of my cat’s poo right now). I not only will use this brand again, but I’m going to take another hit right now.

Useful and Unique Things to Know About 4 CORNERS CANNABIS VAPE LIQUID

This company is awesomely transparent with the information given on their website. Not only are they the only company that tells you that tinctures only work for long-term pain, but they warn you that you have a low chance of failing a drug test. They say that the more you consume over time, the more likely it is that you might fail the test. They encourage users to discuss this matter with any people in authority that might be giving the drug tests because this is NOT a marijuana product.



Cute packaging with lots of information.


I felt the full effects of vaping a few minutes after every hit.


Simple ingredients and high quality, lab tested hemp extract.

FLAVOR and  SMELL • 100

Tasted good, like herbs and oranges. Slight hemp smell at first but disappeared fast.

VALUE • 90

One of the more expensive hemp extracts on the market but very high quality so worth it!

How the 4 CORNERS CANNABIS VAPE LIQUID Stacks Up Against the Competition

This product is so good I almost felt high but not in a psychoactive way. It’s comparable to taking a low dosage of Xanax or Valium but won’t leave feeling crappy the next day. Even though it’s pricier than other vape liquids, it’s so effective that I prefer it to others. Why spend less money on a product that won’t work? If I had to change anything about the product, it would be the price, but you get what you pay for!

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