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what is terp sauce

What Is Terp Sauce & How Does it Work?

Terp sauce Terp sauce—or “sauce,” as it’s commonly called—is one of the rising stars in the world of cannabis concentrates.

How to Read CBD Lab Tests - COAs

Prioritizing Safety: How to Read the Lab Report of CBD Products

Reading CBD lab tests can be complicated, but important. A COA (Certificate of Analysis) is the only way to see what is in your CBD, learn what to look for.

weed going bad and how to use expired weed

Does Weed Expire? How to Know if Your Stash Is Still Good

Can weed go bad? And if it does, what happens if you smoke it? Learn the surprising shelf life of marijuana, and discover how to make yours last longer.

nicotine addict reaching for CBD to quit smoking

CBD and Nicotine – Can Cannabidiol Help Quit Smoking?

Promising research indicates that CBD may be useful for treating certain addictive disorders, including nicotine addiction. Learn more.

Marijuana vs Alcohol Health

Marijuana VS Alcohol – The Health Effects On Your Body

The age old debate of marijuana vs alcohol safety is a popular topic. Get the facts on how each affects your body to make informed decisions.

Importance of Lab Testing Cannabis - blog - Save On Cannabis

The Importance of Laboratory Testing for Cannabis Products

Independent laboratories are hired to test cannabis products for potency, safety, and other factors. Learn why brands care and how it's done.

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