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ideal grow room size per plant for growing cannabis

What Is the Ideal Grow Room Size Per Plant?

What size grow room do you need for 4 plants? 8? 20? Find out how to easily calculate the amount of space you'll need for your grow.

low odor cannabis strains

The 24 Best Low-Odor Cannabis Strains

Learn the best low-odor strains that will support your high with greater discretion when growing your own flower at home.

man growing weed indoors and his equipment around him

What You Need to Grow Weed Indoors

Check out our complete list of the equipment you need to grow indoor weed, plus tips for a successful harvest. We also have coupons for the best equipment.

why your indoor cannabis grow is illegal

Top Reasons Why Your Indoor Grow Is Probably Illegal

While growing cannabis is legal in recreational and medical states, there are still many reasons why your in home grow may not be legal.

Learn about cannabis online at college.

Cannabis College 101: Cannabis Certification and Weed College

Learn about cannabis college if you're interested in growing marijuana, opening a cannabis dispensary, managing a cannabis business, or becoming a budtender. Thanks to cannabis college, there are ways for you to increase your know-how, gain work experience, and even get placed in an internship (legally!)

Get Growing Cannabis - Save On Cannabis Blog

Get Growing! How to Grow Cannabis

Learn to grow cannabis with this step-by-step guide and thorough break-down of the tools of the trade. Also, get access to great coupons on growing equipment, marijuana seeds, and more.

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