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top cannabis influencers

17 Cannabis Influencers to Follow in 2020

See our complete list of the top up-and-coming cannabis influencers, and discover what we can all learn from these tireless 420 trailblazers.

cannabis brands helping medical marijuana patients

How Cannabis Brands Are Improving Patients’ Well-Being

Learn how leading cannabis brands around the nation are contributing in various ways to improve the lives of medical cannabis patients.

cbn oil guide to cannabinol

The Complete Guide to CBN (Cannabinol)

Cannabinol may hold significant promise for treating rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, and more. Get the full story on CBN: uses, legality, effects, and more.

Interstate cannabis legalization

Why Legalizing Interstate Cannabis Is Critical for the U.S. Market

Interstate cannabis sales would have a massive economic, environmental, and social impact. Adam J Smith, founder of the Craft Cannabis Alliance, weighs in.

weed going bad and how to use expired weed

Does Weed Expire? How to Know if Your Stash Is Still Good

Can weed go bad? And if it does, what happens if you smoke it? Learn the surprising shelf life of marijuana, and discover how to make yours last longer.

north america cannabis growing markets

State of North America’s Top Cannabis Growing Markets

In North America, the vast majority of cannabis is grown in Northern California and British Columbia. Discover how legalization is shaking up these markets.

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