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Best Cannabis Delivery Los Angeles

The 5 Best Cannabis Delivery Companies in Los Angeles

Why wait in long dispensary lines when you can get your cannabis delivered in LA? See our list of the best delivery companies, and find out what they offer.

Save On Cannabis Logo - Default Image

A Letter from Save On Cannabis

The cannabis industry has been too silent it is time we stand up for change and all be part of the anti-racist movement. Cannabis has a direct history of imprisoning black people & minorities, we have a long way to go to right these wrongs.

Home chef using decarboxylation to cook with cannabis

Decarboxylation and the Art of Cooking Cannabis at Home

If you want to cook your own edibles at home, decarboxylation is the first step. Get the full rundown, and learn how to make delicious “baked” goods.

what it's like to be high on weed

What Does It Feel Like to Be High?

Learn what it's like to be high & how to avoid a bad trip if you want to try cannabis but aren't sure what to expect physically and mentally.

Why cannabis is essential during the COVID pandemic.

How Cannabis Can Help Us Through COVID

During COVID patients and consumers largely hunkered down at home, see how relief comes in the obvious and not so apparent forms from cannabis.

CBD Oil for Men - Sex and Health

How CBD Oil Can Improve Men’s Quality of Life

Hair loss, ED, poor gains at the gym...these are just some of the issues that CBD oil may be able to address. Find out what the research says.

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