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weed going bad and how to use expired weed

Does Weed Expire? How to Know if Your Stash Is Still Good

Can weed go bad? And if it does, what happens if you smoke it? Learn the surprising shelf life of marijuana, and discover how to make yours last longer.

north america cannabis growing markets

State of North America’s Top Cannabis Growing Markets

In North America, the vast majority of cannabis is grown in Northern California and British Columbia. Discover how legalization is shaking up these markets.

nicotine addict reaching for CBD to quit smoking

CBD and Nicotine – Can Cannabidiol Help Quit Smoking?

Promising research indicates that CBD may be useful for treating certain addictive disorders, including nicotine addiction. Learn more.

alcohol companies working on cannabis drinks

Why Are Alcohol Companies Getting Into Cannabis?

As more states legalize recreational cannabis, alcohol companies are looking to capitalize. Why do these manufacturers want in? Answer may surprise you.

How to Smoke a Joint Properly

How to Smoke a Joint Properly

Our extensive guide on how to smoke a joint covers all the beginner basics, including rolling, holding, hitting, and sharing etiquette for cannabis joints.

head with autism symbol and marijuana leaves

Understanding Marijuana for Autism

Some parents are turning to an unlikely treatment for autism: cannabis. But does it help to improve social responsiveness? And is it safe? See the research.

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