Vape Oil Review: OHM Connect 2.0 – Girl Scout Cookie

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OHM Connect 2.0 - Girl Scout Cookie















  • Improved high quality materialsImproved high quality materials
  • No increase in price
  • Carts are labeled with their flavour
  • Improved aesthetic appearance
  • Improved vape function - fills your lungs
  • True terpene flavours are delicious
  • No buttons needed to operate - just inhale


  • Cartridges are not refillable
OHM Connect Vapour Cartridge V2

Ohm Connect 2 Girl Scout Cookie Save On Cannabis Picture1

Product Overview

In simplest terms, the OHM Connect is a portable vape pen and pen charging case. The charging case allows you to carry 2 extra cartridges. This combination is perfect and allows you many options for discrete dosing. The cartridges are all flavourful and pack a strong punch. Some are cannabis distillates and some are CO2 extracted oils, they are also flavoured with natural flavours for added enjoyment. One feature we really love is that there is no complicated sequence of button clicks needed to activate the pen – you just need to inhale! This product feels like the future of cannabis, now. Especially since the recent release of the version 2 of their cartridge.

Cost ($-$$$$): $$

The Cartridge V2

The cartridge comes in a small plastic package that’s extremely stylish. The back shows tasting notes, instructions for consumption, and gives a description of the product. It’s makeup, origin and process of manufacturing is listed along with an estimated dosage of both thc and cbd per inhale. The soon to be implemented laws in Canada’s second round of cannabis regulation should take note of this minimalistic but informative and attractive packaging.

Ohm Connect 2 Girl Scout Cookie Save On Cannabis Picture2
Ohm Connect 2 Girl Scout Cookie Save On Cannabis Picture3

We specifically tested the Girl Scout Cookies – Mint flavour. The cartridge is see through – allowing you to quickly see how much product remains. More importantly the new design allows you to identify the flavour with an etched indication for the flavour on the cartridge. The new and improved ceramic heating coil is combined with an overall more aesthetically pleasing glass and plastic housing.

The amazing thing is that all of these material and design improvements come at no additional cost. We really love this cartridge and pen design because this will mean that your pen can be used for an extended period of time. In our experience with other vape pens, the battery runs out before the cartridge is empty. With this design there is no chance of that happening.

With this new design, when you inhale the air flows straight through the center of the cartridge rather than through a small side slit. To us, the improvement in airflow is massive and improves the vaping experience. This is perhaps the biggest improvement between the two versions and it results in the pen giving great hits. The hits provide big clouds. On top of that, the flavour has been improved.

Ohm Connect 2 Girl Scout Cookie Save On Cannabis Picture4

In particular, our cartridge had a great mint flavour that is reminiscent of our backyard grown mint. Typically, flavoured vapes have flavours that are more similar to artificial candies than to natural plants. Natural flavour which has a terpene quality is a great aspect of all OHM products.

OHM Connect 2.0 – Girl Scout Cookie Ratings

In the next sections gradings from 0-100 on our review, these grades add up to give the product’s overall score.

VALUE • 95

Should You Buy It?

Yes! For sure! Especially in Canada, in this wave of recreational cannabis vape pens have taken a hit. OHM Connect shows that the recreational market still has a lot to learn. This is a must have if you want a discreet, portable, and reliable cannabis experience.

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