CBD Review: Infinite CBD Nano Shot Detox 25 MG

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Infinite CBD Nano Shot Detox 25 MG

9.6 Infinite CBD Review - Save On Cannabis - Nano Shot Detox - In Hand Shot


  • Effective
  • Great List of Ingredients
  • Unique Product
  • Good Price


  • The taste is okay, not great.

Brand Overview: INFINITE CBD

Infinite CBD sells a variety of products made from the purest, all-natural CBD isolate on the market. All their products contain less than .1% THC so you won’t get high but still get the health benefits of the cannabis plant. They add no harmful additives or chemicals to their products. Many professional athletes like UFC fighters, cyclists, and soccer players use Infinite CBD to help them train harder and improve during recovery. As an added bonus, the company offers yummy recipes like their homemade CBD Spice Latte. Sign me up!

Infinite Cbd Review - Nano Cbd Product Line Shot - Save On Cannabis
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Products: CBD Water, Topical Cream, Shots (Detox, Energy, Rest), Non Dairy Creamer (French Vanilla, Hazelnut), Gummies, Salve (Stick, Tin), Tinctures, Pure Crystalline, Antiseptic Soap, Isolate Capsules, Isolate Droppers, A.M. Capsules, Afterglow Healing Oil, Pet Droppers, Vape Juice, Hair Plasma (Dry Scalp, Conditioning, Shine, Growth & Thickening), P.M. Capsules, Suppositories, Beard Flux Oil, Freezing Point Cream

Price Range ($-$$$$): $$


Infinite Cbd Review - Save On Cannabis - Nano Shot Detox - Beauty Shot

The tangerine flavored Infinite CBD Nano Shot Detox is a single serving of nutrients that your body needs to recover after a hard night of partying, if you’re starting to feel ill, or if you need a boost of energy (maybe after partying too much and puking your guts out). The detox shot offers ingredients that fight inflammation, settle an upset stomach, increase energy levels, cleans the liver, and can even help with weight loss. This tiny shot is packed with superfoods and CBD so you can do something nice for your body (for once).

INFINITE CBD NANO SHOT DETOX 25 MG Technical Specifications

Infinite Cbd Review - Save On Cannabis - Nano Shot Detox - Beauty Shot

  • Ingredients: Nano CBD, Milk Thistle, Green Tea, Ginger, Beet Root Powder, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin
  • Directions: Shake it and shoot!
  • Tangerine flavored
  • Tests at 99.7% CBD
  • No THC
  • 1 oz
  • Grown and produced in Colorado
  • Third-party Lab Tested
  • $5.50 per shot


Infinite Cbd Review - Save On Cannabis - Nano Shot Detox - In Hand Shot

‘Tis the season for Halloween. My best friend is really into Halloween. Like he has a HUGE party every year that has a budget and hired performers. How do I feel about Halloween? Well, I’m really into going to bed at eight in the evening so Halloween is just not my jam. But every year I suffer from FOMO and attend my BFF’s Halloween party anyway. This year it was especially important for me to go because he and I are going into business together, and some big fancy people that wanted to back our project were going to the party. My plan was to be the first person to arrive, and the first person to leave after an hour of awkward mingling. I excel at awkward mingling. I’m not much of a drinker because after a glass of wine, I’m puking my guts out, but this year I was going to live on the wild side, and have some vino with my new associates. My plan was to shoot my Infinite CBD Nano Shot Detox the next morning in hopes of a painless recovery. The party was party-like, I made some awkward convo as planned, and had 1.5 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. I was feeling pretty good. The next morning, however, I was feeling pretty barfy. My head hurt, and I vowed to never drink again (I’ve made this vow a few dozen times). I took my shot and downed a bunch of water.


The Infinite CBD Nano Shot Detox was exactly what my poor, abused body needed to get through the day. After about thirty minutes, I felt the pain relieving benefits of the nano CBD particles creeping into my brain. The ginger really helped settle my stomach. I triumphantly did not puke. I felt more clear headed and ready for the day than any other post-party Sunday. The overall sense the shot gave me was clarity, a warm relaxation in my body, and an ease in my tummy. I would definitely recommend this product! Infinite CBD is becoming one of my favorite companies. Their Rest Shot is just as effective as their Detox Shot.

Useful and Unique Things to Know About INFINITE CBD NANO SHOT DETOX 25 MG

The ingredients of the Infinite CBD Nano Shot Detox make it unique amongst CBD products because it uses nanoparticles, which means the CBD has been excised through fancy technology to be extra small, and able to move through your bloodstream and up to your brain quicker. Milk thistle is added to treat liver problems and high cholesterol. Green Tea offers antioxidants that reduce cell damage and provides caffeine for energy. Ginger helps with stomach discomfort. Beetroot powder is packed with nutrients and antioxidants for overall health. Vitamin B complex is great for energy and metabolism. And, last but not least, Vitamin C is added to boost your immune system.


In the next section, we score from 0-100.


The detox shot is in a cute little black bottle that you can easily throw in your purse or bag.


The shot is effective and works fast to relieve symptoms.


The shot offers a variety of awesome ingredients to help you get through the day after drinking too much or if you’re feeling sick.


The taste isn’t great, like strong herbs and sweet fruit. It’s medicine, after all, so I’m not expecting chocolate pudding. Luckily, it’s just a tiny shot.

VALUE • 100

At $5.50 per 25 mg shot, the price is right.

How the INFINITE CBD NANO SHOT DETOX 25 MG Stacks Up Against the Competition

The Infinite CBD Nano Shot Detox 25 mg is a unique product on the market right now. I read that some major drink companies plan to add CBD to their detox and health drinks. The competition might become crazy in the future, but right now Infinite CBD is making a truly effective and inexpensive product that I will use again.

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