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About Genius

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Genius Karma Cbd Coupons Our Product Range

Genius is a cannabis lifestyle brand who are on a mission to take the road less travelled and seek new ideas to develop cutting edge and state-of-the-art products. The brand has been able to grow tremendously since its inception thanks to their approach of developing new methods and using combinations of tried & tested techniques paired with revolutionary technologies. This approach has led to the development of products that aim to transform people’s lives and thought processes from the highest quality CBD oils and lotions to the stylish backpacks for the fashionista in you. They are also the creators of the Genius Pipe for your on the go smoking needs.  They have a huge devoted fan base all over the world from California to Texas to Mexico, Brazil & Europe.

Popular Genius Products

Genius has a very diverse range of products like CBD dab, spray, pet wellness spray, beard oil, relief rub, pouches, backpacks, tattoo lotion, pet shampoo, body lotion and many more. You can use these Genius coupon codes to enjoy their huge product range. Some of their most popular products are –

Genius Karma Cbd Coupons Dab

1. CBD DAB – The CBD DAB from Genius is THC and cartridge-free. The CBD distillate is infused with the highest quality cannabis terpenes and the natural fruit terpenes add an amazing mix of powerful flavours. They recommend combining the CBD DAB with their pipe and taster for the authentic premium quality dabbing experience.

Genius Karma Cbd Coupons Pain Relief Rub

2. Pain Relief Rub – The Pain Relief Rub from Genius is made with full-spectrum CBD extract and is available in a 120ml container. The company claims that the rub helps in recovering from pain caused due to inflammations.

Genius Karma Cbd Coupons Tattoo Lotion

3. Tattoo Lotion – Genius’ tattoo lotion is claimed by the company to minimize scabbing and aid in healing after a new tattoo.

Genius Karma Cbd Coupons Backpack

4. Genius Backpack – The Genius backpack is designed to be an everyday companion and is smell proof as well as waterproof. It can be turned into a bag or a pouch and the soft padded interior will keep all your stuff safe and secured.

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Browsing through their website will make you want to buy all of their awesome products at once but we know that’ll cost you a lot. So, use these exclusive Genius discount codes when you shop through the world’s largest cannabis coupon website.

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