Meet the Cannabis Terpenes – Eugenol

In our latest post in our “Meet the Cannabis Terpenes,” series, we are pleased to introduce you to eugenol, a pleasantly pert and spicy terpene. It kills bacteria and reverses nerve damage as readily as it delivers flavor to an apple dumpling. The memorable aroma of eugenol often triggers vivid memories of rich desserts, Indian food, or (on the other end of the spectrum) a past trip to the dentist.

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Meet the Cannabis Terpenes: Eugenol

Most commonly associated with: clove oil

Aroma / Taste: Similar to clove: a woody, spicy flavor with a touch of menthol.

Occurs naturally in: clove, turmeric, cinnamon, bay leaves, basil, anise.

Eugenol and Eugenol Oil Uses: Used to make toothpaste, mouthwash, and other oral health products, insect repellent, perfume, veterinary medications, soap. Also a popular natural food preservative.

A Variety Of Indian Cuisine Dishes Including Rice, Colorful Sauces And Soups, Which Pair Well With Cannabis Terpenes Like Eugenol.

The Most Surprising of Eugenol Uses: Eugenol oil is used by entomologists to lure female cucumber beetles and male orchid bees into collection for study because the insects are naturally attracted to its scent.

Eugenol Properties, Eugenol Medicine, and Eugenol Benefits for Health: relieves and reduces pain, treats toothaches, kills bacteria and other pathogens, fights infection, reduces inflammation, protects against and reduces damage caused by free radicals, treats fungal infections,  protects nerve cells from damage and degeneration, prevents blood clots, reduces risk of heart attack, treats acne, boosts immune system.

If Eugenol had an astrological sign, it would be: Virgo

Pairs well with: Roasted pork, fennel, beef stew, apple dumplings, mulled cider and wine, curry and rice dishes, linzer tort, rice pudding, roasted potatoes, pickles.

What is eugenol?

Eugenol is one of the cannabis terpenes. It’s found naturally in cannabis sativa as well as in basil, bayleaf, nutmeg, anise, turmeric, oregano, cinnamon, and (as you may have guessed) clove. It’s a popular ingredient in many personal and household products though traditionally it’s most often associated with dental hygiene, oral health, and toothache relief because of its ability to reduce inflammation, prevent and fight gum disease, and quickly relieve pain. Eugenol oil insecticide is a popular and effective natural bug killer known for its ability to eliminate spiders, beetles, and even roaches. Eugenol was once used to make imitation vanilla flavoring called vanillin, too, until manufacturers switched to using cheaper chemical by-products.

Like most of the cannabis terpenes, eugenol has a memorable flavor and aroma. If you’re lucky, the scent and taste of eugenol sparks thoughts of delicious cinnamon rolls or homemade holiday treats like spice cake, Italian pizzelles, or cinnamon sticks.  For some, eugenol brings back memories of smoking a clove cigarette as a teenager while at a concert. Yet others may associate eugenol with a terrible toothache or a trip to the dentist during which clove oil eugenol was used as an analgesic or local anaesthetic.

But the most exciting benefits eugenol have only been discovered in recent history as scientists began to unearth the many potential uses of cannabis terpenes. Medical research has shown that eugenol is powerful enough to eliminate fungal infections, prevent and treat parasites, and eradicate bacterial infections. It’s great for digestion and is given to patients suffering from candida, ulcers, bloating and gas, irritable bowel syndrome, and frequent nausea.

More research is being done, but eugenol seems to have a positive effect on those suffering from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Scientists were thrilled to discover that eugenol is a cannabis terpene that provides effective protection against nerve damage and may even reverse the damage in existing nerve cells, too!

A Woman Smiling, Revealing White Teeth And Healthy Gums That Are Bacteria-Free Thanks To Cannabis Terpenes Like Eugenol.Eugenol is even effective in reducing the risk of America’s #1 killer: Heart disease. The terpene reduces the chances for a heart attack by stimulating the circulatory system naturally, breaking up blood clots, and inhibiting proteins that trigger inflammation.

Not only is eugenol good for your internal health, but this cannabis terpene also has beauty-boosting and anti-aging uses. Eugenol is a powerful antioxidant that can protect your skin from one of the most common causes of age spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and sagging skin.  Scientists believe that free radicals from the environment are responsible for our body’s symptoms of aging, so antioxidants like eugenol are an excellent weapon in the battle to look and feel young.

While eugenol does occur naturally in cannabis, you may have trouble finding it on every terpene chart or on a standard “Top 5” list of terpenes. Most of the cannabis industry wasn’t aware of cannabis terpenes until recently. Because cannabis only has a small amount of eugenol compared to other cannabis terpenes, eugenol has been overlooked. have been overlooked. However, that is starting to change now that the many benefits of this powerful and tasty terpene have been discovered.

Because many cannabis flowers on the market right now have a small amount of eugenol, you won’t experience its many health benefits by taking cannabis sativa flowers alone.  Cannabis concentrates with added eugenol terpenes are a great way to experience its benefits, scent, and flavor. You can also purchase eugenol terpene to mix with other cannabis terpenes, your favorite cannabis concentrates, tinctures, and even edibles. Experiment with different combinations to learn what you like best and customize the cannabis experience with terpenes like eugenol to have your best possible cannabis experience!

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