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CBD Review: Berkeley Gold – 900MG CBD Dissolvable Tablets (30mg Each)

Precise CBD doses in dissolvable tablet form by Berkeley Gold. Find out if these 30mg CBD tablets (900mg per package) do the trick to ease our days.

About Berkeley Gold CBD

Berkeley Gold CBD Coupon Codes

Berkeley Gold is a Texas-based hemp company, founded by a team of like-minded professionals dedicated to bringing high quality CBD based products to all. Our healthcare background taught us the medical standards and vision needed for product development, while staying true customer care. Berkeley Gold products are all pharmacist formulated from 100% USA organic hemp, lab tested to ensure consistency and transparency from seed to shelf.

We are passionate about the hemp industry and stick to only the purest of ingredients in our product line. To this end, our products are infused with some of the highest available CBD doses in the market today, leading with our flagship 900MG CBD Dissolvable Tablets coming in at 30MG of CBD per dose.

Maximum Strength

Organically Grown CBD

Sourced from the highest-quality hemp plants to bring you the purest CBD products. 100% Organic, Non-GMO, and Pesticide Free.

Berkeley Gold CBD Coupon Code Organically Grown


Berkeley Gold CBD Coupon Code Featured

Berkeley Gold CBD Coupon Code Stress Free Lifestyle

From Seed, To Hemp, To Health.

The CBD Lifestyle

At Berkeley Gold, we envision a lifestyle that is happy, stress-free, and natural. When it comes to improving overall health and wellness, we believe CBD is second to none. That being said, we strive to provide the highest quality CBD sourced from pure, organically-grown hemp. Our focus is to allow you to experience the abundant benefits of CBD to support your ideal lifestyle.

Health & Wellness

Quality Products with Zero THC

A healthy lifestyle begins with healthy decisions. We want you to make the right choices to fit your specific needs! Therefore, we aim to provide the necessary educational guidance to make that decision easier through transparent test results and product ingredients. Our entire lineup is tested by ISO 17025:2017 Laboratories to guarantee exceptional quality and to ensure all our products are THC-Free.

Berkeley Gold CBD Coupon Code Health Wellness

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Why Choose Berkeley Gold

Berkeley Gold CBD Coupon Code Why Choose Us

We strive to meet the expectations of our consumers through product innovation, customer education, and transparency. Berkeley Gold is focused on pioneering the hemp industry by setting standard of excellence.

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