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10% OFF site wide at Alive & Kicking coupon! Premium pre-rolls always illuminated, never inebriated.

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CBD Review: Alive & Kicking CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls

Our reviewer lights up the Alive & Kicking Hemp CBD Pre-Rolls to see how they worked for her. See if they are worth your dollars.

About Alive & Kicking

Alive & Kicking Coupon Codes

Alive & Kicking is a cannabis brand designed without the stoner image in mind. Their uniquely shaped slim and tiny pre-rolls are the first in the cannabis market and designed to provide people a pleasant and joyous experience, not an “Oh Crap” experience that comes with the majority of strong cannabis products out in the market. Alive & Kicking comes in 2 varieties – Light THC and only CBD. Each pack of Alive & Kicking comes with 14 slim, slender pre-rolls packed with CBD and THC or only CBD whole-flower with a total weight of 4.20g (.3g per pre-roll).

CBD Hemp Pre Rolls Premium Products

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Full CBD Zero THC Pre rolls

Full CBD. Zero THC*.100% AWESOME.

Small but mighty! There’s a lot to love about Alive & Kicking CBD pre-rolls.
  • Only CBD, zero THC
  • Whole hemp flower, never shake
  • Ultra thin design
  • 14 pre-rolls per pack
  • .3 grams per pre-roll
  • Robust aroma and flavor
  • Filtered
  • Discreet
  • Absolutely no tobacco/nicotine

Don’t settle for
mass hemp products

Trust us, you won’t like what you get. We only work with high quality farms that produce high quality hemp. Our farms use regenerative farming techniques and Korean Natural Farming feeds to ensure the best product.

High Quality Hemp Product

CBD hemp Pre Rolls Full Spectrum

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