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Mini Tank & Dial Vaporizer Battery by Rokin













  • The units are small and portable, especially with provided lanyard
  • Both of these units can be used discreetly
  • Each of the units is fun and easy to use
  • Each will fit most 510 thread Vape Cartridges
  • The Dial model provides temperature control


  • Lightweight materials make these units easier to break
  • Some larger diameter 510 thread Vape Cartridges may not fit
  • Charged with older format micro USB
Mini Tank & Dial Vapourizer Battery by Rokin

Rokin is a family-owned business focused on providing users with valuable and effective products in the world of cannabis vaping. On their website, you can find products ranging from pipes & rigs, concentrate & oil vapes, accessories, and the product category we will review in this article: 510 thread batteries. We had a chance to try two exciting products, both of which are oil vaporizers suited for your portable vaping needs. We explored the Rokin Mini Tank and the more recently released Rokin Dial. Both of these portable batteries are intended to be used with the standard 510 thread Vape Cartridge and both of them have a built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery.

Product Packaging

The Mini Tank oil vaporizer is available in various colours, and we picked up the classic black. The unit is safely held in a plastic casing which comes packaged in a simple cardboard box. On the back of the packaging, you can find the key features of the Mini Tank and instructions for how to use it. Along with the battery, we are provided with a USB charger and a lanyard so we can take the product with us wherever we go. This simple packaging is to be expected with a product as affordable as this. The Rokin Dial oil vaporizer is also available in multiple colours, including really fun turquoise and purple options, and comes packaged in a similar fashion. Again, we are provided with a USB charger and a lanyard so we can take our Dial battery with us on the go.

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Rokin Dial Mini Tank Save On Cannabis Picture 2

Product Operation & User Experience
Mini Tank

When the product arrived, the battery already had a charge. To use it, depending on the size of your 510 thread vape cartridge you may first need to slide the cover off to allow it to be inserted. If you are familiar with the operation of modern vaping products, then the button combinations for this product will be quite familiar to you.

To turn the unit on and off, we need to rapidly click the button 5 times. Interestingly, the product has a pre-heat mode which is initiated by rapidly clicking the button 3 times. This will bring the unit up to temperature for 15 seconds and the button will flash to indicate that it is happening. At any point in time, clicking the button will turn off the pre-heat mode.

Rokin Dial Mini Tank Save On Cannabis Picture 3
Rokin Dial Mini Tank Save On Cannabis Picture 4

To take a hit, we simply press and hold the button and inhale. If you are not using the pre-heat mode, then we suggest that you hold the button for a few seconds before taking a hit to let the oil start to gain temperature. It is really that simple and fun to use, and can be used almost anywhere discreetly. If you forget to turn the device off after your session, the device will automatically turn off after 3 minutes of being idle. The only downside to this product is that there is not temperature control, but it uses a feature named Power Wave Technology which varies the voltage from 3.6V to 2.2V to create a smooth vaping experience.

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Rokin Dial

The reason that the device is called the Dial is that it has a dial on the front of the body which is used to control the voltage output of the battery when heating your oil. The range of voltage goes from 2.2 Volts to 4.2 Volts, and the dial is designed to show 0.1 Volt increments. However, we feel it wants to naturally snap in place at 0.4 Volt increments, which are marked as distinct numbers on the dial. One tricky thing with this is that we don’t know what the temperature is that corresponds to the voltages, but over time you should be able to find the temperature that works the best for you. For most of our uses, we kept it at the middle range around 3.4 Volts as we found that to be a great setpoint.

As with the Mini Tank, we don’t need to slide the cover to allow us to insert our 510 thread Vape cartridge, but we have the option to if necessary. With this unit, there is a very satisfying click when we put the cover back on and being at a slightly higher price point the build quality feels more sturdy. And overall, we feel that this device has a more modern aesthetic.

Rokin Dial Mini Tank Save On Cannabis Picture 5
Rokin Dial Mini Tank Save On Cannabis Picture 6

Interestingly, this unit has no button to press. To activate the battery we simply need to draw from the unit and inhale. When you inhale, the back of the unit has a LED light ring which will change colours to indicate that it is operating. And the additional control of voltage and more simplified operation will only cost you an extra 10 dollars – with a retail price of roughly 40 dollars. If you want a little more control over temperature, particularly if you switch between CBD dominant and THC dominant oils, this unit is going to be a delightful option for you!

Should You Buy It?

Yes, both of these products are simple but versatile units that allow you to discreetly vape wherever you go. These units retail for under $30 (Mini Tank) and $40 (Dial) and could make an awesome gift for yourself or any of your cannabis consuming pals this holiday season.

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