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20% off at Waffleye! The first cannabis themed waffle maker.

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Save a ton of cash on the most creative cannabis-themed cooking appliance in the world with our Waffleye coupons. Waffle makers have been around for more than a century. Throughout that time, waffle patterns of all kinds were explored to make it more fun and enticing. But did anyone ever give waffles any cannabis love? Never. And that was what Billy Owczarski thought during one of his smoking sessions. Why not create a waffle maker for people who love weed? Understanding the benefits and demand for cannabis edibles, he decided to invent a fun way to eat CBD or marijuana loaded waffles with his cannabis leaf-shaped waffle maker, and he named it, Waffleye. Billy and his California-based team are an easy-going bunch dedicated to making a fun, useful waffle maker for cannabis lovers around the world.


Waffleye Cannabis Cooking Equipment Coupons Maker

Waffleye Waffle Maker – Waffleye’s cannabis leaf-shaped waffle maker is not only excellent to make great tasting waffles. You can use it for so many other recipes. Think about how useful and cool it would be if you surprised your guests with cannabis leaf-shaped eggs, banana bread, pizza, quesadillas, or even chocolate chip cookies. The sky’s the limit when you have a waffle maker that inspires you to create something unique and memorable. Think about how lit your Instagram feed will look with this nifty waffle maker!

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Join the Waffleye community and share your funkiest creations with other waffle lovers. Your mad creations will be added to the website’s recipe page, where you can find a massive number of fantastic recipes that were made by like-minded people. And if you know anyone who loves marijuana, think about how awesome it would be to send them this out of the ordinary gift. It’s fun, different, and a super useful appliance that represents the love for the most magical plant in the world. Get your CBD tincture or THC oil ready and order your Waffleye at a discounted rate with our Waffleye coupons!

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