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Clean Cannabinoid Crafters Upstate Elevator Supply

A finely tuned co-evolution between plants and humans is being restored. It’s a reclamation, a revival, a R/Evolution. Let’s celebrate the revolution. Or even better – let’s elevate the revolution.

Upstate Elevator Supply products are made with organic ingredients and are tested using independent, third-party labs to ensure potency, consistency, and quality in every batch.


All Upstate products carry a thirty day customer satisfaction guarantee. We believe in the quality, purity, and consistency of our products – and we stand behind them 100%.

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Elevate the R/Evolution

Humans evolved in harmony with Cannabis for millennia, our bodies and the plant chemically intertwined in a synchronicity so perfect that modern science is only beginning to understand it. For the better part of a century, we’ve had our ears shut to the music of this plant, but its song still rings in our heads. A few brave souls have kept its strains alive, and now we are all part of a powerful reunion with this partner in health, inspiration and wisdom.

CBD is a natural antidote to the woes of modern life. It raises our state of mind, uplifts our consciousness, and makes us feel good. It’s our daily dose of freedom – from pain, from stress – and from the restricted perceptions of the last eight decades.

A finely-tuned co-evolution is being restored. It’s a reclamation, a revival, a r/evolution.

Upstate Elevator Supply Coupons Factory Workers

Our agricultural and entrepreneurial roots trace back to the 1800s in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, where our ancestors established some of the first coffee plantations in the Americas. This proud tradition of agricultural stewardship has carried on for generations through our family’s enterprises, and the legacy of enterprising agriculture is strong today in Upstate Elevator Supply Co., our Burlington, Vermont-based CBD company.

From those first coffee plantings in the 19th century through the founding of Upstate Elevator Supply Co. in 2017, our passion has been revitalizing the connection between humans and plants. We’re true pioneers in the field, crafting products that are mindfully shepherded from cultivar to capsule, seed to salve, to make you the finest fleet of CBD available anywhere.

We’re here to guide you to your Upstate.

What do you do every day to feel alive? A morning cup of coffee just the way you like it, yoga with the morning sun peeking in the window, walking the dog by the river in the evening when your breath forms clouds before your face. CBD products are your daily dose of freedom, elevating health and celebrating wellbeing. Our continuous drive for product development is rooted in finding the right way to make CBD part of your every day.

Where do we grow our hemp?

Upstate Elevator Supply Coupons Our Farms

We partner with Pete’s Greens to grow the hemp we use to make our products on 70 acres of pristine farmland in Craftsbury, Vermont. Our hemp crop is USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, pesticide free and sustainably grown using our own proprietary seed stock. Clean soil, water and fresh Vermont air makes for clean hemp, and that’s the key to crafting clean cannabinoids that you can feel good about using every day. Upstate supports regenerative and organic farming practices.

Clean Cannabinoid Crafters

What does clean cannabinoids mean?

Clean, natural and pure cannabinoids are the foundation of it all. A non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from some strains of hemp, CBD is just one of many botanical compounds – including other cannabinoids, terpenes, and even tiny amounts of THC – that work synergistically and interact beautifully with the human endocannabinoid system. And that’s no accident – we coevolved this way, together over millennia.

Sustainably sourced hemp from Colorado and our home State of Vermont is meticulously processed through one of our three extraction methods to preserve the full spectrum of constituents in the most beneficial combinations, specific to the products they’re intended for.

We make stripped-clean extractions, elevated to their purest forms, and we have them third-party tested so you know what you’re getting is a cut above.

Upstate Elevator Supply Our Process

Why does extraction matter?

We use several extraction and processing methods to create the optimal profile of constituents for each of our products.

Lipid infusion is our unique process of using a coconut oil or MCT oil base to draw the fullest possible spectrum of active compounds from the hemp plant, carefully preserving their molecular structure and maximizing the co-evolutionary benefits of the entourage effect.

Cold organic ethanol extraction utilizes a proprietary, closed-loop ultra-cold extraction methodology. Maintaining cryogenic temperature through the entire extraction process preserves the phytocannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids and flavonoids within the plant while leaving behind unwanted lipids, waxes and plant sugars. We use non-GMO, food grade, organically certified ethanol. The result is a 100% USDA certified organic CBD Oil that is exceedingly pure. It is full spectrum oil that is rich in CBD and minor cannabinoids.

CBD isolate is a pure crystalline extraction of the CBD compound. It is free of all other cannabinoids including THC, as well as the other plant constituents that are present in our full spectrum extractions. This purified CBD has no odor or flavor, making it perfect for edibles and beverages, and choosing isolate is a sure way to know exactly what you’re getting – and not getting – for people who wish to limit their exposure to THC and other hemp compounds.

Nano-encapsulation is a novel processing method that ultrasonically compacts the CBD compound into very small (<100 nanometer) particles for increased absorption by the body. This is achieved by coating the nano-CBD particles in a natural binding material comprised of carbohydrates, which makes them easily dissolvable in water. The microscopic size and water solubility combine to enhance bioavailability and expedite the dispersion of cannabinoids into the bloodstream.

Where did we find our specially selected strains?

We made many of them from scratch. Our family has been developing top-of-the-industry cultivars through rigorous selective breeding since before we could tell you about it. At Upstate Elevator Supply Co., we’ve focused our research on the development of high CBD:THC type III CBD-rich cultivars with robust terpene profiles that are optimized for the short Vermont growing season.

In 2016, our team initiated a breeding program to develop unique and acclimatized Vermont CBD hemp cultivars. In 2017, we partnered with Evergreen Capital Management to grow 1000 plants on a two-acre plot in Charlotte, Vermont, and in 2018 we expanded production by adding new farmers and vertically-integrated processing and extraction.

Our 2018 Vermont acreage was comprised entirely of internally developed proprietary seed stock. Flower to leaf ratio and total CBD content were improved over our 2017 grow. We prioritized terpene expression and minor cannabinoid diversity within these seed lines. (In new hybrid lines, we prioritize heterozygosity and target >10% CBD content by dry weight as the bar for further genetic exploration.)

In 2019 and 2020, we have partnered with Pete’s Greens, Vermont’s premiere organic market farming operation, to grow 70 acres of USDA-certified organic hemp using our in-house feminized seed.

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