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About TOCA

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Get the latest discounts on TOCA’s entire line of pleasure oils with our verified TOCA promotional codes and exclusive coupons.

TOCA is a wellness company specializing in intimate CBD Oils designed to bring out your wild side. Made up of herbalists, farmers, medicine makers, nutritionists, sex educators, teachers, and formulators, TOCA is more than a company producing sex oils. It’s a community of plant-loving, sexually liberated individuals who want to share their passion with the world.

TOCA was developed as a unique project aiming to break social barriers by combining hemp-derived CBD, clinical herbalism, nutrition, sexual health, and self-expression. The Florida-based company wants to enhance your erotic experiences with natural products that will intensify your every TOUCH.

Popular TOCA Products

TOCA products are made with organic plant extracts from premium ingredients, including infused oils, essential oils, flower essences, and saltwater. Believing in the power of nature, TOCA trusts the power of natural products – the plants and ecology that surround us.

All TOCA products are potent and formulated to give you lasting, memorable experiences. You can use our verified TOCA voucher codes to get TOCA’s hemp-based botanical CBD intimate oils at an exclusive price.

Featured TOCA Product

Toca Cbd Coupon Toto Qulo Intimate Oils

TOTO & QULO Intimate Oils

Both oils are designed to lubricate, warm, and open the body to allow the deepest, stimulating experiences and provide intense, extended pleasure. Made with Whole Plant Hemp Extract, these botanical oils can alleviate inflammation and irritation of your body’s soft tissues.

Use them on the entire body as massage oil and to stimulate your more tantalizing parts. It’s safe for oral use and compatible with sex toys! Be sure to use our verified TOCA promo codes and discount coupons to get deals that you won’t be able to resist.

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Sex Talk, TOCA’s blog, is your place for all things sex and herbalism. There you can read up on the latest trends and products that are raising the temperature in the bedroom.

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