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Straight Hemp’s full spectrum CBD Oil and CBD Balm first hit independent health and natural food stores, markets and coops in August 2018. Since then, Straight Hemp’s CBD products can be found in over 300 retail locations. We value quality and clarity above all else. Our ultra-premium hemp is raised on Colorado snowmelt and sunshine, in pristine soils free of heavy metals. Our CBD products teem with only the best natural terpenes, and we never use additives or artificial flavors. Every batch of oil and balm is lab tested; our rigorous third-party testing far exceeds regulatory demands, all in the quest to provide you with the best, cleanest, and most wholesome CBD products available. Our customers claim they can feel the difference, which might be why Straight Hemp remains the brand of choice for the highest-quality CBD products available anywhere.

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We are here to help you on your journey to balance & happiness

Straight Hemp values clarity and quality above all else, which is why we are clear and straightforward in what we do and what we say. We cut no corners–zero–in our mission to help you to a happier existence. We commit with you when you commit to yourself.

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Feel Like yourself, but better

When a company has control of its own cultivar like we do (called “chain of custody”), the final product is at no risk of contamination, which happens often with companies that source from multiple raw-material providers.
Straight Hemp starts with the very best feminized, horticultural, and oil-rich (hemp) cultivars for the production of CBD and terpenes.

Our extraction methods capture the essence of our plants, preserving their terpenes for more exquisite taste and optimal benefit. Straight Hemp products take slightly more time to manifest as physically noticeable, but the results are significant.

In case you haven’t noticed, we strongly favour full-spectrum products because they include terpenes and a wide variety of cannabinoids, which are naturally produced by hemp. In fact, we don’t offer any products without terpenes. That’s right, no isolates.

Our processes control THC levels to ensure they remain within federal mandates for hemp products.

All other cannabinoids and terpenes are included at levels produced naturally by the plant. Sure, we could separate them all out (the ones we know about) and then mix them back together, but we’d lose some along the way. It would be kind of like offering reconstituted orange juice instead of fresh squeezed. Problem is, just like with orange juice, you can taste the difference.

Instead, we offer our customers a choice. Our products are designed to be used in different ways, which vary the amounts absorbed into your system (bioavailability), and how quickly they act (onset).

Straight Hemp CBD Coupon Code Quality and Clarity
Quality + clarity above all else

Our ultra-premium hemp is raised on snowmelt and sunshine, in pristine soils free of heavy metals.Our CBD products teem with only the best natural terpenes, and we never use additives or artificial flavors.Our testing far exceeds regulatory demands, all in the quest to provide you with the best, cleanest, and most wholesome CBD products available.

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About us

It was 2016 and Straight Hemp founder Devin Alvarez found himself surrounded by a substantial number of friends and family afflicted by opioid addiction. At the time, the U.S. Surgeon General was faced with a chilling epidemic:

– 2.5M US residents were diagnosed with OUD (Opioid Use Disorder)
– 80 people dying from overdoses each day
– Resulting in a $78B annual cost to the US economy

Driven by a duty to help, a passion for plant-based healing, and experience in the cannabis industry, Devin founded Straight Hemp and set the mission: improve people’s lives through premium, pure hemp-based products.

Devin, a US Air Force Academy graduate, triple majored in Chemistry and Mathematics & Economics from Florida State University then a received an MS in Environmental Science and Biotechnology from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

Devin moved to Colorado to join Agricor Labs as Quality Control Officer for the new and developing marijuana industry. Later he worked to co-develop testing and quality regulations with the State of CO and marijuana producers ensuring the right regulations were being set and products were passing potency, pesticides, heavy metals, bio-contaminants, and residual solvents testing. In 2018, because of the hemp plant’s natural healing properties, Devin shifted his focus to hemp.

It’s now 2020 and Devin’s journey to democratize a natural plant-based medicine to replace societal dependencies on pharma options continues to be a reality.

Straight Hemp established itself as a leader in premium and pure hemp-based products. The key 5 tenants to delivering on our mission

Farming Conditions and Practices – chain of custody relationship with our farmers, soils fed with living food and watered with snow melt and protected from cross contamination by mountains.

Hand harvest our hemp versus mechanical shearing.

Using Horticultural Hemp (also known as Essential Oil Cultivars). Never industrial hemp.

The Extraction Method Used – our proprietary methodology.

A more effective formula containing detectable THC and other bioactive compounds from Hemp, resulting in a stronger Entourage Effect.

Straight Hemp was a company founded by heart and a duty to help. We continue to operate from a place of compassion, activism and innovation. We provide substantial lifelong discounts to Active & retired military, First responders, Educators, Low income households, and Individuals with long term disabilities. We also donate product and monetary support to several non-profit and activism organizations.

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