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With our daily verified StoneSmiths’ coupon codes, you get the latest deals on the best vape products on the net.

Founded in 2013, StoneSmiths’ is a company dedicated to making superior quality vapes that bring out the authentic flavor of your herbs. To take your dab sessions to the next level, the Canada-based company manufactures the most advanced concentrate vape pens – mixing innovative design and high performance to create an out-of-this-world vaping experience.

One of StoneSmiths’ missions is to break the stigma that’s surrounded cannabis for decades. The company is on the frontlines as a devoted supporter of cannabis’ potential to help people worldwide. Indeed, sharing the wellness benefits of CBD and THC is just as important as making the best handheld cannabis vapes on the market.

Popular StoneSmiths’ Products

If you’re looking for a high-performing concentrate vape, StoneSmiths’ Slash series is a great option. The vapes are stylish and portable, giving you the freedom to vape your cannabis wax, dab, and shatter whenever the time is right. StoneSmiths’ vapes have a minimalist, futuristic appearance that will compliment your style. To order your Slash Vape at a discounted price, use our verified StoneSmiths’ coupon codes.

Featured StoneSmiths’ Product

Stonesmiths Cbd Coupon Slash Concentrate Vape Pen Kit

Slash Concentrate Vape Pen Kit

The Slash Concentrate Vape Pen is an impressive device that produces dreamy clouds. To elevate your vaping experience, StoneSmiths’ engineered a state-of-the-art airflow system that prevents air path clogging that enhances your herb’s flavor. It features an integrated dab pick tool, which cuts your loading time and gets you dabbing in no time.

You have the choice of three temperature modes, giving you the option to produce large clouds or focus on flavor. Easy to use and compact, the Slash Vape Pen is designed for first-time users, seasoned pros, and everyone in between. Be sure to use our verified StoneSmiths’ discount coupons to get yours at an incredible price.

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StoneSmiths’ is an active member of Tokeativity, an organization supporting women worldwide. The company is also committed to adhering to the Global Feminist Community for Active Cannabis Culture – supporting an equal cannabis consumption culture for all.

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