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About Plain Jane

Plain Jane CBD Coupon Codes

Save money on your next order of CBD flowers with our verified Plain Jane coupons and discount vouchers.

Created to make high-quality CBD hemp flowers more accessible and affordable, Plain Jane is the ultimate online CBD store.  Plain Jane is continually expanding with premium cannabinoid products, including Delta 8, CBG, and CBN.  The customer-driven, Oregon-based company sources all of its hemp flowers from small American farms. Plain Jane settles for nothing less than superior quality hemp flowers, and neither should you.

Plain Jane pioneered a revolutionary process, making the first low smell CBD cigarette. You get the same effects of a high-grade hemp cigarette without the hemp smell – keeping it low key and mighty convenient. Plain Jane’s mission is clear: to bring you a wide variety of premium hemp flowers that can improve your daily routine at affordable prices.

Popular Plain Jane Products

Plain Jane products are accessible, affordable, and always natural. On its website, which is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, you can choose a product by how you want to feel. Do you want to feel Energized, Lifted, Balanced, Chill, or Super Chill? If Super Chill is what you want, you may be directed to Spec 7, a potent hemp strain that tends to relax mind and body, or be urged to select the fast-acting CBD OG Kush vape cartridge.

Browse the Plain Jane inventory to find your favorite CBD products, including Hemp Cigarettes, Pre-Rolls, Delta-8 Products, CBD Oils, CBD Topicals, Hemp Concentrates, CBD Gummies, and more. If Plain Jane’s lineup is overwhelming, the Plain Jane customer support team is here to help you make the right choice based on your condition, budget, and preferred intake method. Don’t forget to use our verified Plain Jane coupon codes – because it’s even better when you save!

Featured Plain Jane Product

Plainjane Cbd Coupon Code Rock Indoor

Acid Rock Indoor A cross between River Rock and Suzy Q, Rock Indoor is a sweet-tasting strain with undertones of pine and mint. It gives you a pleasant, uplifting experience ideal for creative endeavors and getting things done with a focused, energized mind. This Sativa-dominant strain is cured to perfection, providing an exquisite, flavorful smoking experience. Grab this unique CBD strain at a bargain with our exclusive Plain Jane discount codes.

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Plain Jane grows its very own hemp. The experts at Plain Jane love to engineer novel strains, and when they successfully grow a new strain, you can name it! If your suggestion is selected, Plain Jane will send you a prize. Can you guess what they would send?

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