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$5 off $35 Philter Labs coupon on the most portable and affordable handheld filter on the market!

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Philter cbd CBD Coupon Codes

Shop for high-tech cannabis odor control devices at Philter. Use our daily verified Philter coupon codes at checkout for exclusive discounts.

While vaping is becoming more commonplace, not everyone enjoys your sweet-scented clouds. Sure, you probably think that your vapor is harmless, but not everyone has the same belief. Philter manufactures the perfect portable devices to make your vaping experience more discreet.

It’s Philter’s mission to help vapers and non-vapers co-exist in public places, contribute to cleaner air, and protect personal rights. Philter devices use a Proprietary Nanofiltration Patented Technology to eliminate secondhand smoke or vapor.

Their devices do not block or hinder your smoke; it breaks it down through a Proprietary Multistage Treatment System. In short, you blow your smoke or vapor into a Philter device, and clean air comes out. It’s simple; it allows you to smoke in public by being mindful of the people around you.

Popular Philter Products

Philter has thought of every possible way to give you the freedom to puff wherever you are. Their odor canceling units are sleek, discreet, and ultra-effective. They have three types of devices to best suit your vape, bong, joint, blunt, or dab rig.

Petly cbd offers CBD Oil for dogs and cats and CBD Chews and Treats for dogs. The CBD drops are fantastic The Philter Pocket is their most versatile unit and bestseller. You’ve guessed it: it fits in your pocket. It’s also the best device if you don’t want to choose between smoking or vaping. And it’s super easy to use. Just take a puff of whatever you have and exhale into the Pocket – nothing but clean air can be seen or smelled on the other side. Grab your Pocket for an irresistible price with our verified Philter discounts codes and Philter Pocket coupons.

Featured Philter Product

Philter CBD Coupon Code Store Philter Phlip

Philter Phlip

Designed to fit your favorite vape pen or stick, the Phlip is the ultimate solution for eliminating vapor and dirty looks. Small, lightweight, well-made, it will make your life so much easier. It’s easy to use, just take a hit from your vape on one end and flip it to exhale your vapor.

Forget about having to step away all by your lonesome just to have a couple of puffs. With the Phlip, you won’t miss out on the party again. It’s good for up to 150 exhales and fits most pens, including JUUL, STIIZY, PAX Era, and any 510 thread carts. Get yours at a special price with our verified Philter coupon codes.

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To give back to the community and contribute to the environment, Philter launched The Philter Project. It’s a movement that encourages personal rights, clean air, and donations to help people in need.

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