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About Nesa’s Hemp

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Created by a passionate cannabis expert on a mission to find holistic solutions to health problems, Nesa’s Hemp is a wellness company specializing in full-spectrum CBDa products. After analyzing and researching hundreds of CBD products on the market, founder Inesa Ponomariovaite was shocked to learn that a considerable number of companies were producing low-grade products that did not meet the industry’s quality standards.

Displeased with the lack of honesty offered by most CBD companies, she decided to dedicate her life to helping people worldwide with ethically made hemp products designed to improve overall wellness.

The Power of CBDa

To produce the very best hemp-derived supplements, Inesa focused on designing a line of products that is 100% organic and produced without chemicals, solvents, or heavy metals. But what sets Nesa’s Hemp apart is its cold-press hemp extract technique, which preserves CBD’s natural acid form: CBDa.

CBDa is CBD before it transforms when exposed to heat. Therefore, CBDa is the purest form of CBD you can find. And what’s more is that it works with your endocannabinoid system at a cellular level, making it even more effective than traditional CBD. With Nesa’s Hemp, you benefit from the power of CBDa and all the other cannabinoids found in a whole plant extract.

Featured Nesa’s Hemp Product

Nesa’s Hemp Cbd Coupon Nesa’s Beyond Organic Cbda Hemp Extract
Nesa’s Beyond Organic CBDa Hemp Extract

One of the rarest hemp-derived extracts on the market, Nesa’s Organic CBDa Hemp Extract is what you need to restore cellular balance and promote your general well-being. More potent and active than traditional CBD, this hemp extract interacts with key brain receptors to bring harmony and balance to your nervous system.

Each bottle contains essential nutrients, vitamins, and healthy fats your body needs to function at its optimal level. Certified organic and vegan, you’ll only find the very best in Nesa’s Beyond Organic CBDa Hemp Extract. Get yours at a bargain with our Nesa’s Hemp verified coupon codes.

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Nesa’s Hemp products are tested by ISO-certified independent labs registered with the DEA and FDA. You can find their lab reports on Nesa’s Hemp’s website.

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