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10% OFF discount at Keefer Scraper! The most useful kief tool.

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Keefer is dead set on upping your dabbing and smoking game with their luxury dabbing and scraping tools, read our Keefer Scraper review.

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Keefer Dab Tools Coupons Scraper

Use our Keefer Scraper coupon codes to save on the most useful kief scraper and dabber tool. Keefer Scraper was designed to assist herb enthusiasts in getting the best out of their buds. Kief comes from the Arabic word Kayf, meaning bliss. Today, we know that kief is made up of trichomes and terpenes, which are responsible for giving you the most heavenly experience. Knowing this, are you collecting kief, and are you putting it to use? Too many of us take our kief collected at the bottom of our grinders for granted. Do you have the right tool for the job? Using makeshift devices like baby spoons, razors, and guitar picks aren’t the answer. That’s why the guys at Keefer Scraper decided to create a scraper that would make you look forward to your grinder’s accumulation of kief.

Popular Keefer Scraper Product

The Keefer Scrapper is a high-quality tool designed to harness the power and magic of your herb. It’s made from high-grade stainless steel, which makes it durable and beautifully finished. Designed with usability, convenience, and affordability in mind, Keefer Scraper is perfectly sized to help you collect all of your kief with minimum effort. Use the pointy edge to reach your grinder’s nooks and crannies and shovel large amounts of kief with the shovel-shaped end. If you’re serious about your kief, Keefer Scraper is the perfect tool for you!

Why Keefer Scraper?

Breaking up your herb with your fingers can be satisfying, but it doesn’t allow you to collect your kief. The best way to break up your herb is to use a quality grinder with a kief catcher. Not only does it break your herb up in a perfectly uniform manner, but it also collects the fine trichomes and terpenes, known as crystals. Unfortunately, even the best grinders have their faults, and it mainly lies in their scrapers. You’ll find them made of cheap plastic and most ineffectively shaped. Keefer Scraper is the most efficient way to collect your kief and put it to good use!

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Think of all the possibilities you’ll have once you have a scraper that effectively collects your kief. You’ll be able to mix it in your joints and blunts, make hash, cannabutter, oil, moon rocks, or even vape it in your dry herb vaporizer. Stop using makeshift scrapers and start using the best scraper on the market!

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