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About Island Therapeutics

Island Therapeutics Coupon Codes

Save on a wide selection of CBD products with our Island Therapeutics coupon codes. Island Therapeutics’ product line is one of the most innovative in the cannabis industry. Based in the rainforest of Vancouver Island, BC, Island Therapeutics is dedicated to producing a premium collection of CBD products. The company seeks to improve people’s lives with everyday CBD and herbal remedies and aims to educate people on the power of cannabis. Their products are made with the highest quality locally grown hemp and utilize the most advanced extraction methods. Island Therapeutics aims to create a better world and contribute to their community. Use our Island Therapeutics coupons to save on your next order!

Popular Island Therapeutics Products

Island Therapeutics specializes in transdermal patches and other CBD and THC merchandise. All of the ingredients used in their top-of-the-line products are organically and locally grown, ensuring that you get the highest quality products. In their online shop, you’ll find a fantastic lineup of products designed to help you live a better life. Shop for patches, CBD creams, CBD tinctures, THC gummies, CBD capsules, THC sleep aid tinctures, CBD bath salts, or CBD bath bombs. Island Therapeutics is actively researching the benefits of cannabis and always looking to develop new and useful products.

Featured Island Therapeutics Product

Island Therapeutics Cbd Coupons Transdermal Patch

CBD Transdermal Patches – The CBD Transdermal Patches is a topically applied product that allows the most effective absorption of cannabinoids. It reaches your bloodstream more quickly and thus works incredibly fast. Still, the patches were designed to release a gradual amount of CBD, so you benefit from CBD for the entire day. The patch can keep you enhanced for up to 24 hours, making sure you experience none of the crashes that can occur with other methods. Use the patch to relieve inflammations and muscle aches and help relax the body and mind. *

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Island Therapeutics only uses hemp that’s organically grown to ensure the purity of their products. You can rest easy knowing that their hemp contains no pollutants, chemicals, or toxins. And to make sure that you only get the safest products, Island Therapeutics’ products are third-party lab-tested.

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