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1000mg Pet CBD Oil


300mg Pet CBD Oil


125mg Pet CBD Oil


1000mg CBD Syrup


300mg CBD Syrup


100mg CBD Syrup


Max Chill CBD Shot 5-Pack


CBD Max Chill Shot


CBD Lollipops – 4-pack


CBD Lollipops – 2-pack


CBD Tattoo Ointment – 4 oz.


CBD Tattoo Ointment – 1 oz.


CBD Beard Bundle


CBD Beard Balm


CBD Beard Oil


CBD Hand and Body Lotion


CBD Pleasure Gel


CBD Essential Oil Roller – Sleep Blend


CBD Essential Oil Roller – Focus Blend


4oz CBD Pain Rub


1oz CBD Pain Rub


Pain CBD Patches


Sleep CBD Patches


Hangover CBD Patches


CBD Heat Relief Spray


300mg CBD E-Liquid 4 Pack


75mg CBD E-Liquid 10 Pack


75mg CBD E-Liquid 4 Pack


75mg CBD 16.5ml E-Liquid Additive


Vape Tank Battery Kit


4000mg CBD 120ml E-Liquid


2000mg CBD 60ml E-Liquid


1000mg CBD 60ml E-Liquid


300mg CBD 60ml E-Liquid


250mg CBD 16.5ml E-Liquid


75mg CBD 16.5ml E-Liquid


4000mg CBD Oil


2000mg CBD Oil


1000mg CBD Oil


600mg CBD Oil


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About Hemp Bombs

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Save Money, Hemp Bombs Coupon Codes

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Veterans Save 15%

We salute our veterans, active duty military personnel, retired military and military spouses and dependents. Thank you for your service!

Our veterans deserve more than an official holiday and special sales at department stores. They warrant our thanks for putting themselves in harm’s way to protect us from our enemies and make it possible to live freely in this great nation. Hemp Bombs is glad to offer our veterans and military CBD users a 15% off discount on all of our CBD products. All that is required is to enter your information on the form to get your 15% off discount code.

Seniors Save 15%

55 is the new 35, but 35 never came with discounts like this. We get asked all the time “Do you guys offer a senior discount”? Yes we do! We realize that seniors and retirees can’t always spend as freely as some of their younger Hemp Bombs counterparts. So, we’re making it easier and less expensive for our “wiser” fans to order. We’re happy to offer our retired and seasoned CBD users (of age 55 and older) a 15% off discount on all of our CBD products. All that is required is to enter your information on the form to get your 15% off discount code. Photo ID upload is optional.

CBD products have been reported to help users in a number of ways, many of which may be very personal to our senior audience. Many Hemp Bombs customers claim that CBD has given them better sleep, less pain, and an overall lift in mood. Make sure you get your discount and start benefiting from Hemp Bombs today!

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Certified Pure CBD Product Guarantee

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Hemp Bombs can say with utmost confidence that we offer a premium product to consumers. Our process begins by importing the highest grade of organic-certified European Hemp. This first step is so important to our method because we avoid the heavy metals, pesticides, and contaminants that are so often found in USA based industrial hemp products. Aside from stringent European practices, Hemp Bombs has our own set of quality control standards, including third-party lab testing. Consistently, lab tests show impressive results with our products, finding high purity CBD and no traces of THC whatsoever. Any consumer who uses our products will benefit from the most authentic, cleanest products on the market.
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Get Educated on Hemp Bombs CBD Products

Hemp Bombs offers a product line of high-grade CBD products that are formulated for the user to experience a full sweep of health benefits while providing feelings of complete relaxation. At each step of our manufacturing process, we emphasize quality control for the consumer. In production, we worked with some of the country’s leading nutritionists to blend high purity CBD and other natural botanical extracts. Our goal is to create an attractive, effective, and healthful product that encourages optimal mind and body function while making you feel great.

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The Hemp Bombs Story

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CBD Affiliate Program

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Join the Movement become a CBD Affiliate

With Hemp Bombs’ CBD Affiliate Program, you can do more than just enjoy our premium products – you can make money too! Turn your audience (Social Media, Blog, or Website) into cash by visiting our affiliate section and registering on the “Become a CBD Affiliate” page.

We work with affiliates of all experience levels, offer top commissions, and have a dedicated customer service team to help assist you. You’ll find pages of informational content to help guide you which we continually update and add to. Hemp Bombs is an established company with hundreds of affiliate success stories. Help continue to spread the Hemp Bombs brand and earn easy income by registering today.

CBD Resources

Hemp Bombs’ resources section is the place for both new and experienced visitors to see the latest developments in the Hemp Bombs brand and CBD industry. At Hemp Bombs, we believe in an up-front approach with our current and potential customers. Our resources page is a hub of information where distributors can directly communicate with our sales team, consumers can read the ins and outs of product sourcing and manufacturing, and visitors can watch hours of honest reviews from respected sources. Watch this space as we continue to build resources for our growing customer base.


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